Zeke is The Black Sea Charge Ranger a robloxian who calls him the cold shot cause his shots are so deep called this 19 year likes to chat up girls skateboard and listen to rock music his fighting and aiming skills are highly cold and deeper fighting stance this dude can skate and shoot he is also a pro skater who does awesome stunts He Didn't Find The Black Sea Gem he was given it to by a fortune teller called Fiona giving him the spirit of the

HammerdHead making him become the Black Sea Charge Ranger With his sidekick Kole he always wears the right clothes and stopping to flirt with girls

Roll Call


Power Ranger Black!


Zeke Wears, Dope Shirt, Dope Pants Brown Hair Dude SkaterBoi , SkaterBoi Robloxian 2.0 ¬_¬ Face


He Talks Like a Emo Mixed With a Hippie But Hes Still Energetic

Hes The Fist One To Not Find his gem but to be given it to


He is Played By OmarRah

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