Yellow Rangers 1993-2009Edit

Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call
Yellow Trini Kwan Mmpr-rg-trini "Saber To​othed Tiger!"
Yellow II Aisha Campbell Mmpr-rg-aisha "Yellow Ranger Power!"
Yellow Ninja Ranger Aisha Campbell  Mmpr-rg-aisha-ninja "Ninja Ranger Power, Now!"
Yellow Alien Tideus Mmpr-rg-tideus "Yellow Aquitar Ranger!"'
Yellow Zeo Tanya Sloan Prz-rg-tanya "Zeo Ranger II- Yellow!"
Yellow Turbo Tanya Sloan Prt-rg-tanya "Dune Star Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"
Yellow Turbo II Ashley Hammond Prt-rg-ashley "Yellow Turbo Power!"
Yellow Space Ashley Hammond Pris-rg-ashley  "Power Yellow!"
Yellow Galaxy Maya Prlg-rg-maya "Galaxy Yellow!"
Yellow Lightspeed Kelsey Winslow Prlr-rg-kelsey "Yellow Ranger, Rescue Ready!"
Yellow Time Force Katie Walker Prtf-rg-katie "Time Force Yellow!"
Yellor Wild Force Taylor Earhardt Prwf-rg-taylor "Soaring Eagle!"
Yellow Wind Dustin Brooks Prns-rg-dustin "Power of Earth!"
Yellow Dino Kira Ford Prdt-rg-kira "Ptera Power! Yellow Ranger!"
Yellow SPD "Z" Delgado Prspd-rg-z "Four! SPD Yellow Ranger!"
Yellow Msytic Chip Thorn Prmf-rg-chip "Fast as Lightning! Yellow Mystic Ranger!"
Yellow Operation Ronny Robinson Proo-rg-ronny "Kick into Overdrive! Yellow Ranger!"
Yellow Jungle Lily Chilman Prjf-rg-lily "With a speed of a Cheetah! Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger!"
Yellow RPM Summers Landsdow Prrpm-rg-summer "Yellow RPM Ranger!"

Yellow Rangers 2011-2017Edit

Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call
Yellow Samurai Emily 2 prs-rg-emily "Yellow Ranger ready!"
Yellow Megaforce Gia Moran Prm-rg-gia "Claw of the Tiger! Megaforce Yellow!"
Yellow Super Megaforce Gia Moran Prsm-rg-gia2 "Super Megaforce Yellow!"
Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger Calvin Maxwell Prns-rg-calvin "Strength of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Yellow!"

Evil RangersEdit

Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call
Yellow Psycho Yellow Psycho Pris-rg yellow psycho "Yellow Psycho Red Ranger!"
Yellow A-Squad Ivan Prspd-rg-ivan-asquad "SPD ASquad Yellow Ranger!"