He Is A Kid And Patrick Klause's Son Who Lost His Mother He Is Good Friends With Kit Taylor and Conner McKnight He Fell In Love With Cordelia Chase When Alpha 5 Gave The Green Ranger Powers To Tyler He Was Worthy To Be The New Green Ranger When Tommy Became The White Ranger He Fell In Love With Kimberly Ann Hart When Tyler Swapped Adam With The Onyx Deck He Became Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Then In The Near Future Became The Beast Morphers Red Ranger Along With Jack Darby and Skylar Storm He Is Played By Ryan Potter

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Personality Edit

He Is A Cool Kid He Has A Kind Heart as Once Did Adam He Chills Around Girls And His Friends When The Villans Calls Him "A Kid". He Gets Mad He Releases His Anger And Lets Em Have It But Jason And The Others Are Best To Calm Him Down He also Hangs With His Friend And Partner Len And Trains With Him

In Season 1 2 & 3 Forms Edit

Green Ranger Dragon Knight And Onyx Edit

Future Form: Beast Morpher Red Ranger Edit