Msytic Knight of Tir Na NogEdit

Colors Name Played by Pictures Roll Call
Mystic Knight of Fire Rohan Lochlainn O' Mearin Mk-hr-rohan Fire within me!
Mystic Knight of Earth Angus Vincent Walsh Mk-hr-angus Earth beneath me!
Mystic Knight of Air Deirdre Lisa Dawn 'Mk-hr-deride Air above me!
Mystic Knight of Water Ivar Jusntin Pierre Mk-hr-ivar Water around me!
Mystic Knight of Forest Garrett Ben Palmer 'Mk-hr-garrett Forest before me!

Msytic Knight of Tir Na NogEdit

Mk-hr-rohan Mk-hr-angus Mk-hr-deride
Mk-hr-ivar Mk-hr-garrett


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