Susan is The Sea Charge Pink Ranger she is 19 years old and very stubborn sometimes one day she sneaked in the trunk when phill did not allow her to go digging with kole and Zeke she then met Brendan she found the pink gem with Brendan also with the red gem she bounded with it giving her the spirit of the

Turtle making her the pink sea charge ranger she then met Gwen when she was riding with Brendan in his car she also wanted to help find Brendan father she also works at the robloxias fun museum she is

Roll Call


l Power Ranger Pink!


Susan Wears, Honey Blond Hair Pink Tank Top With Shorts Awkward Face and Robloxian2.0 package

See Roblox items


She is Similar to Kimberly Hart

She Has a Crush on Brendan (Maybe)

Zeke Tries To Flirt With Her

Shes a Robloxian with Negative Attitude but pretty and nice


Shes Played PinkPress101

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