Color Role Picture
White Ranger Levi Weston Prns-rg-levi
Pink Ranger Dana MitchellKimberly Ann Hart Prlr-rg-danaMmpr-rg-kimberly
Black Ranger Brody Romero Prns-rg-brody2
Blue Ranger Emily Prs-rg-emily-super
Yellow Ranger Nick Russell Prmf-rg-nick
Red Ranger Aurico Mmpr-rg-aurico


Ninja ZordsEdit

  • Falconzord (White Ranger)
  • Crane Ninja Zord (Pink Ranger)
  • Bear Ninja Zord (Red Ranger)
  • Ape Ninja Zord (Yellow Ranger)
  • Wolf Ninja Zord (Black Ranger)
  • Frog Ninja Zord (Blue Ranger)

Shogun ZordsEdit

  • Pink Shogunzord (Pink Ranger)
  • Red Shogunzord (Red Ranger)
  • Black Shogunzord (Black Ranger)
  • Yellow Shogunzord (Yellow Ranger)
  • Blue Shogunzord (Blue Ranger)


  • Ninja Megazord
    • Ninja Mega Falconzord
  • Ninja Ultrazord
  • Shogun Megazord
    • Shogun Mega Falconzord
  • Shogun Ultrazord

Carrier ZordEdit

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