Color Role Picture
Red Ranger Tommy Oliver Mmpr-rg-tommy1
Blue Ranger Ziggy Grover Prrpm-rg-ziggy
Black Ranger Leo Corbett Prlg-rg-leo
Pink Ranger Kendall Morgan Prdc-rg-kendall2
Yellow Ranger Katherine Hillard Mmpr-rg-kat
Green Ranger Jayden Shiba Prs-rg-jayden


  • Power Morpher
  • Power Coins
    • Power Crystals
  • Blade Blaster
  • Power Axe (Blue Ranger)
  • Power Bow (Pink Ranger)
  • Power Daggers (Green Ranger)
  • Power Lance (Yellow Ranger)
  • Power Sword (Black Ranger)
  • Dragon Dagger (Red Ranger)
  • Power Blaster



  • Super Dinozord Megazord
  • Super Dragozord Fighting Mode
  • Super Mega Dragonzord
  • Super Dinozord Ultrazord


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