He is The Sea Charge Purple Ranger He is 57 Years Old Besides Being The Richest King on This Country descendant of Geezio who centuries ago was followed by Genie With His Guards He Storms into Robloxias Beach Museum Taking The Green Gem Back When His Men were Driving Him Home He Saw Zury and The Zorknots then after seeing the 4 rangers morph he was surprised Then he met genie and the others showing them there gems after seeing the rangers in battle his robot helped them fight off zury and the zorknots then the ranger were not kinda impress that the robot helped them but sir realized that he made a mistake then his robot was captured he found the purple gem but tried to bond with it then it did not work then he decided to do good deeds for the needy to bond to the purple sea gem then he told the others about the gem and then told to find someone worthy of it then he sees his robot with zury and the zorknots with the zurbulls then he saw Zeke ,s sister in trouble while the ranger are fighting off the zorknots then he saved Chelsea Zeke,s young sister then Zeke thanked him for his bravery then the purple sea gem dashed at him bonding with him giving him the spirit of the

Eel making Him The Purple Ranger of The Sea Charge Rangers then he fought off his robot after a while he join the team but did not remain in their base his royalty is with the kingdom of genshire

Roll Call


Power Ranger Purple!


Sir Ivan Governor wears Brown Hair Sigmund Face Gray with Purple Tie Blue Shirt Grey Pants Has Robloxian 2.0. Body Monocle With a Andrew Beard


He is The First Ranger to Be in His Old Age but 50

He is The Second Purple Ranger Then RJ In Jungle Fury


He is Played By FallenEggehz

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