Silver Rangers 1993-2014Edit

​Color Name Picture​
Silver Ranger Zhane Pris-rg-zhane
Titanium Ranger  Ryan Mitchell Prlr-rg-ryan
Lunar Wolf Ranger Merrick Baliton Prwf-rg-merrick
SPD Nova Ranger Nova Prspd-rg-nova
Mercury Ranger Tyzonn Proo-rg-tyzonn
Ranger Silver Gemma Prrpm-rg-gemma
Robo Knight Robo Knight Prm-rg-roboknight
Super Megaforce Silver  Orion  Prsm-rg-orion3
Super Megaforce Silver  Orion  Prsm-rg-orion5

Evil Rangers Edit

​Color Name Picture​
Silver Psycho Ranger Silver Psycho Ranger  Pris-rg silver psycho

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