Robo Knight2

Robo Knight

Name: Robo Knight
Gender: Male
Season: Megaforce
Colors: Silver
Ranger Form: Robo Knight
Actor: Chris Auer

Robo Knight

Robo Knight Ranger Form

Robo Knight Ranger Form

Name: Robo Knight
Ranger Desingnation: Robo Knight
Weapons: Robo Blaster, Robo Blade, Vulcan Cannon
Gear: Robo Morpher, Power Cards
Zords: Lion Mechazord
Zords: Sky Lion Mechazord
Zords: Sea Lion Mechazord

Robo KnightEdit

Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call
Robo Knight Robo Knight Prm-rg-roboknight "I am Robo Knight! Protector of the Environment, Guardian of the Earth!"

Robo Knight Ranger Costume FormEdit

Color Name Ranger Form Ranger Costume
Robo Knight Robo Knight Robo Knight Ranger Form Prm-rg-robo knight

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