Heckyl has recreated his dream monster with new power's he now puts out a sleeping powder that whoever breath it in will fall into a deep sleep until the monster is defeated. All the rangers fall into a deep sleep and are trapped in their perfect dream Koda is back in the time he live in before he found his energem living with his family and his little brother is still alive. Tyler and his dad have spent all the time together and his dad never got lost and his dad never found the Aqua energem and Tyler never found his energem either. Shelby went to the college her dad wanted her to go to without any complaints and started her dream job. and she never found her energem. Riley never left his family and friends he started a great job and now he never wants to leave so he will never find his energem. Chase never left his family and friends he when Pro with his skateboarding career he really enjoys do what he does and now he will never leave and never find his energem. and Ivan will never find his energem and will never be the Gold Ranger. Phillip will never find his energem and become a ranger so in a world without rangers and evil rules. so all the rangers was in their perfect dream or nightmare. expect Kendall. Because Kendall was in the base safe and the others rangers was out having fun on their day off. So now it is up to Kendall to destroy the monster before Heckyl enters the rangers base and steal the rangers energems from them. Will Kendall be able to defeat the monster on her own without the other rangers help. it will be hard but Kendall can do it. Once she has defeated the monster everything will be back to normal. And Kendall will also have to stop Heckyl from entering the base but with the rangers help of course. The End.

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