Heckyl has found a way to stop time with his new time freezer monster. so now the rangers are in trouble now because he can freeze time and remove the energem from the rangers. once the rangers are frozen in time and can move use Heckyl will use the unbonder to unboned the rangers from their energem and take them. so the rangers are at work going about their day like nothing is happening. so unexpectedly Heckyl release the time freezer he starts freezing everything then the rangers are sent to stop him. and at the time the rangers get ready to morph the monster freeze them in time. the ranger can move but everyone else move around the rangers and the rangers see them. but can't say anything. the only one who can help them is the Gold ranger. because he is the only one who is not frozen in time. so the gold ranger morphs and calls for his zord and defeats the monster in time before Heckyl removes the energem form the rangers. once the monster is defeated the rangers can move again. and everything goes back to normal. The End

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