Icy/Psycho Pink Ranger

Icy S7
Name: Icy/Psycho Pink
Gender: Female
Season: In Space, Lost Galaxy
Colors: Pink
Ranger Form: Psycho Pink Ranger
Actor: Larisa Oelyink/Vicki Davis

Ranger Costume

Pris-rg pink psycho

Icy/Psycho Pink Ranger

Name: Psycho PInk
Ranger Designation: Psycho Pink Ranger
Weapons: psycho bow, savage sword
Gear: psycho morpher
Zords: Mega V5

Psycho Pink RangerEdit

Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call
Icy/Pink Psycho Ranger Pink Psycho Pris-rg pink psycho
Icy S7
Pink Psycho Ranger!

Psycho Pink Ranger Costume FormEdit

Color Name Ranger Form Ranger Costume
Pink Psycho Ranger Pink Psycho 200px 100px

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