Similar shows to Power RangersEdit

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Avatar RangersEdit

Colors Rangers  Gender  Pictures
Red Time Force  Aang Flyer (Male) Avatar Ranger 1
Blue Wind Ranger Katara Walkgarden (Female) Avatar Ranger 2
Navy Thunder Ranger  Sokka Walkgarden (Male) Avatar Ranger 3
Ranger Green  (Female) Toph Bei Fong (Female) Avatar Ranger 4

Koragg the Knight Wolf


Red Wolf Warrior 

Zuko Pyrostone (Male) Avatar Ranger 5
Blue Mystic Ranger  Suki Nichols (Female) Avatar Ranger 6
Crimson Thunder Ranger  Jet Laurence (Male) Avatar Ranger 7
White Mystic Ranger  Yue Harper (Female) Avatar Ranger 8
Blue Alien Ranger (Female) Korra Starfield (Female) Avatar Ranger 9
Yellow Wind Ranger  Mako Phoenix (Male) Avatar Ranger 10
S.P.D. Green Ranger (3) Bolin Phoenix (Male) Avatar Ranger 11
White Alien Ranger  Asami Sato (Female) Avatar Ranger 12
Jungle Fury Green Ranger  Mai Armstrong (Female) Avatar Ranger 13
Pink Space Ranger  Ty Lee Armstrong (Female) Avatar Ranger 14
Gold Samurai Ranger  Iroh Pyrostone II (Male) Avatar Ranger 15
Mora's Dark Ranger Suit Azula Pyrostone (Female) Avatar Ranger 16
Black Ranger  Haru Grant (Male) Avatar Ranger 17
Green Zeo Ranger Teo Fishman (Male) Avatar Ranger 18
White Wild Force Ranger  June Wagner (Female) Avatar Ranger 19
Yellow Turbo Ranger  Andrea Smellerbee (Female) Avatar Ranger 20
Green Lightspeed Ranger Drake Longshot (Male) Avatar Ranger 21
Mercury Ranger  Tahno Laurence (Male) Avatar Ranger 22

Xiaolin RangersEdit

Ranger Name Picture
Aquamarine Raimundo Pedrosa Xiaolin Ranger 1
Red Kimiko Tohomiko Xiaolin Ranger 2
Green Clay Bailey Xiaolin Ranger 3
Blue Omi Xiaolin Ranger 4

Thunderian RangersEdit

Ranger Name Picture
Red Lion-O Thunderian Ranger 1
Crimson Tygra Thunderian Ranger 2
Yellow Cheetara Thunderian Ranger 3
Blue Panthro Thunderian Ranger 4
Green Wilykat Thunderian Ranger 5
Pink Wilykit Thunderian Ranger 6
Silver Ben-Gali Thunderian Ranger 7
Orange Pumyra Thunderian Ranger 8
Gold Lynx-O Thunderian Ranger 9
White Jaguara Thunderian Ranger 10

Thunderian Rangers 2.0Edit

Ranger Name Picture
Red Lion-O Thunderian Ranger 1.5
Crimson Tygra Thunderian Ranger 2.5
Yellow Cheetara Thunderian Ranger 3.5
Blue Panthro Thunderian Ranger 4.5
Green Wilykat Thunderian Ranger 5.5
Pink Wilykit Thunderian Ranger 6.5
White Pumyra Thunderian Ranger 7.5
Gold Leo Thunderian Ranger 8.5
Silver Panthera Thunderian Ranger 9.5
Orange Tygus Thunderian Ranger 10.5

Plumber RangersEdit

Ranger Name Picture
Green Ben Tennyson Plumber Ranger 1
Blue Gwen Tennyson Plumber Ranger 2
Black Kevin Levin Plumber Ranger 3
Pink Julie Yamamoto Plumber Ranger 4
Navy Cooper Daniels Plumber Ranger 5
Crimson Manny Armstrong Plumber Ranger 6
Silver Helen Wheels Plumber Ranger 7
White Pierce Wheels Plumber Ranger 8
Red Alan Albright Plumber Ranger 9
Yellow Kai Green Plumber Ranger 10
Violet Hope Saucerer Plumber Ranger 11
Amber Elena Validus Plumber Ranger 12
Gold Jimmy Jones Plumber Ranger 13
Orange Eunice Plumber Ranger 14
Bronze Edwin Grandsmith Plumber Ranger 15
Aqua Ester Plumber Ranger 16

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