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After travelling to Earth, space pirate Divatox abducted an alien wizard named Lerigot to use his magical key to go to Muranthias and free her fiance Maligore. The Rangers weren't about to let this happen, and so they upgraded to Turbo Powers, since the Zeo Powers wouldn't be enough to take on Maligore. Practicing for a martial arts tournament, Rocky injured his back, and later sent Justin in his place to become to the new Blue Ranger and help the team on Muranthias, where they used the Turbo Zords to destroy Maligore. An infuriated Divatox swore vengeance on the Rangers, and returned to Angel Grove to terrorize it with detonators and monsters.

Gekisou Sentai Carranger


Power Rangers Turbo logoPower Rangers Turbo


Morphin! Call: "Shift into Turbo!"


Roll Calls: "Power Rangers Turbo!"

Turbo RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Red Turbo Ranger Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank Prt-rg-tommy "Red Lightning Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"
Blue Turbo Ranger Justin Stewart Blake Foster Prt-rg-justin "Mountain Blaster Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"
Green Turbo Ranger Adam Park Johnny Yong Bosch Prt-rg-adam "Desert Thunder Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"
Yellow Turbo Ranger Tanya Sloan Nakia Burrise Prt-rg-tanya "Dune Star Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"
Pink Turbo Ranger Katherine "Kat" Hillard Catherine Sutherland Prt-rg-kat "Wind Chaser Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"
Blue Senturion Blue Senturion  David Walsh Prt-rg-blue senturion3 Blue Senturion!

Turbo Rangers 2Edit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Red Turbo Ranger II T.J. Johnson Selwyn Ward Prt-rg-tj Red Turbo Ranger!
Blue Turbo Ranger Justin Stewart Blake Foster Prt-rg-justin Blue Turbo Ranger!
Green Turbo Ranger II Carlos Vallarte Roger Velasco Prt-rg-carlos Green Turbo Ranger!
Yellow Turbo Ranger II Ashley Hammond Tracy Lynn Cruz Prt-rg-ashley Yellow Turbo Ranger!
Pink Turbo Ranger II Cassie Chan Patricia Ja Lee Prt-rg-cassie Pink Turbo Ranger!
Phantom Ranger Phantom Ranger Alex Dodd Prt-rg-phantom4  Phantom Ranger!
Phantom Ranger Phantom Ranger Alex Dodd Prt-rg-phantom2  Phantom Ranger!

Turbo RangersEdit

Power Rangers Turbo Ranger Form 1Edit

Red Turbo Ranger Form Yellow Turbo Ranger Form Blue Turbo Ranger Form
Pink Turbo Ranger Form Green Turbo Ranger Form 200px

Power Rangers Turbo Ranger Form 2Edit

Red Turbo Ranger Form Yellow Turbo Ranger Form Blue Turbo Ranger Form
Pink Turbo Ranger Form Green Turbo Ranger Form Phantom Ranger Form

Rangers Season Turbo 5Edit

Prt-rg-tommy Prt-rg-tj Prt-rg-tanya
Prt-rg-ashley Prt-rg-justin Prt-rg-kat
Prt-rg-cassie Prt-rg-adam Prt-rg-carlos
Prt-rg-phantom2 Prt-rg-blue senturion3

Turbo Rangers Names PhotosEdit


  • Zordon
  • Alpha 5
  • Rocky Desantos
  • Dimitria
  • Alpha 6
  • Jason Lee Scott
  • Kimbery Hart
  • Bluk and Skull
  • Robot Rangers


  • Divatox
  • Elgar
  • Rygog
  • Porto
  • General Havoc


  • Phantom Laser
  • Senturion Synergizer
  • Turbine Laser
  • Turbo Wind Fire
  • Turbo Star Chargers
  • Turbo Thunder Cannon
  • Turbo Hand Blasters
  • Turbo Lightning Sword
  • Turbo Sword
  • Turbo Blaster


  • Storm Blaster
  • Lightning Cruiser
  • Senturion Cycle
  • Turbo Carts
  • Turbo Morpher

Megazord Season 2Edit

  • Rescue Megazord
  • Artillatron Warrior Mode

Zords Season 2Edit

  • Artillatron
  • Wind Rescue Rescuezord / High Stance Mode
  • Star Racer Rescuezord / High Stance Mode
  • Thunder Loader Rescuezord / High Stance Mode
  • Siren Blaster Rescuezord / High Stance Mode
  • Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord / High Stance Mode

Megazord Season 1Edit

  • Robo Racer Battle Mode
  • Turbo Megazord

Zords Season 1Edit

  • Robo Racer
  • Wind Chaser Turbozord
  • Dune Star Turbozord
  • Desert Thunder Turbozord
  • Mountain Blaster Turbozord
  • Red Lightning Turbozord


  1. Shift Into Turbo, Part I
  2. Shift Into Turbo, Part II
  3. Shift Into Turbo, Part III
  4. Shadow Rangers
  5. The Whole Lie
  6. Transmission Impossible
  7. Rally Ranger
  8. Built For Speed
  9. Glyph Hanger
  10. Weight And See
  11. Alarmed And Dangerous
  12. Bicycle Built For The Blues
  13. The Millennium Message
  14. A Drive To Win
  15. Cars Attacks
  16. Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers, Part I
  17. Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers, Part II
  18. Passing The Torch, Part I
  19. Passing The Torch, Part II
    • Tommy, Adam, Tanya, & Kat step down as rangers. T.J., Carlos, Ashley, & Cassie become rangers.
  20. Stitch Witchery
  21. The Wheel Of Fate
  22. Trouble By The Slice
  23. The Phantom Phenomenon
  24. Vanishing Act
  25. When Time Freezes Over
  26. The Darkest Day
  27. One Last Hope
  28. The Fall Of The Phantom
  29. Clash Of The Megazords
    • General Havoc returns home. Phantom Ranger returns home.
  30. The Robot Ranger
  31. Beware The Third Wish
  32. The Gardener Of Evil
  33. Fire In Your Tank
  34. The Turn Of The Wretched Wrench
  35. Spirit Of The Woods
  36. The Song Of Confusion
  37. The Accident
  38. Cassie's Best Friend
  39. The Curve Ball
  40. Carlos And The Count
  41. Little Strong Man
  42. The Rival Rangers
  43. Parts And Parcel
  44. Chase Into Space, Part I
    • Dimitria & Blue Senturion go to Eltar. Both Megazords are destroyed.
  45. Chase Into Space, Part II
    • The Turbo Powers are destroyed along with the Power Chamber. An galactic evil meeting is called. Zordon is captured. The Rangers and Alpha 6 go to search for Zordon. Justin stays on Earth.


  • Back when Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie was being conceived, the original idea was to have Billy Cranston create the Turbo Powers, but that changed once David Yost left the series on bad terms.
  • It was the only Power Ranger series to feature a child who could morph into a Ranger, though the concept of a child being a Ranger occured twice in the Super Sentai franchise. Kou Hoshinsei and Riki.
  • It was the second series to switch rangers midway through the season.
  • It is the first, and currently only season to have the villains relocate their base of operations mid-season.
  • This is the first season to not use "It's Morphin' Time" as the call to action, but instead used "Shift into Turbo" to fit the theme of the series. This would be repeated in most future seasons.
  • It was the only series to feature a villain's base located underwater.
  • It was the first series to feature an African-American as the Red Ranger. This would be repeated in S.P.D. with the addition of Jack Landors and in RPM with Scott Truman.
  • It was the first series to feature an Asian-American as the Pink Ranger. This would also be repeated in S.P.D with the A-Squad Pink Ranger, in Operation Overdrive with Rose Ortiz and in Samurai with Mia.
  • It was the first series to have a female Caucasian Yellow Ranger.
  • Two of the rangers' helmets are similar to their Zeo predecessors' helmets (Pink is an ellipse and Green is a rectangle) while the blue ranger's helmet looks like the Chevrolet logo which is coincidental because the show's theme is cars.
  • It was the first series to feature a Latino as a Power Ranger. This would be repeated in Wild Force, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force and Samurai.
  • It stands as the only series that did not have a female warrior general (i.e. Scorpina, Archerina, Astronema, Trakeena, Vypra, Nadira, Toxica, Marah, Kapri, Miratrix, Elsa, and Morgana) that battled with the rangers on a constant basis.
  • It should be noted that the Phantom Ranger was not considered a ranger in Turbo's Sentai countpart , Carranger (in which his equivalent , the VRV Master , showed up in only one or two episodes) , but IS considered a Power Ranger in Turbo. This is the only time such a change has occurred.
  • Power Rangers Turbo is Catherine Sutherland's favorite Power Rangers season.
  • Ironically, Power Rangers Turbo nearly ended the Power Rangers franchise, but its Sentai source, Carranger, saved the Sentai series from cancellation after the dismal Ohranger season, whose footage was used for Power Rangers Zeo
  • Power Rangers Turbo is the first season to not have an Ultrazord, instead it had a carrierzord.
  • This is the first season to be themed after automobiles, the other seasons that later followed and repeated it was SPD, Operation Overdrive and RPM.
  • Second series to only have five rangers who have civilian identity's followed by "Dino Thunder" and "Jungle Fury" the first was "Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers".
  • This is the first Season that the opening credits are show after a little segment. This would be repeated in In Space,Lost Galaxy,Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force and most recently in Power Rangers Samurai.
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