Do U Guys Think Toqger Should Get Counterparts In US Power Rangers it Would be Awsome to see them speak english for once lets just hope Haim has a good heart of adapting toqger if that i hear it on the news on rangercrew i will start jumping around happy and filled with joy plus it would be good to see a train themed team even though kids are not apart of kids lives but its apart of mine plus i would buy the train zords and toys lets just hope this happen after ninja steel finishes and super ninja steel i want to see Toqger in Power Rangers i was really disopointed it was skipped plus the mecha for toqger looks amazing even the suits look so fantastic  and we get to see the rangers transfer colours in the series it would be cool to see that happen and the villain look so wicked in the sentai series and i need to see US Footage of Toqger in The Adaption it will be opposite of toqger coming after ninninger and then we could see the promo of the adaption of toqger and what do they mean by trains will not sell well we had trains in Light Speed Rescue ,RPM and Mystic Force And says saban is not in love with toqger but im in love with toqger lets hope they be generous and do it fingers crossed ranger fans and the thing is i respect haim saban i know the suits are pre schoolish but it looks so detailed

Ninja Steel - Ninja Super Steel then Toqger Adaption

But Think About it

1. First Orange Ranger in Neo Saban Era 

First Light Green Ranger in The Team 

Second Team with Red, Green Blue , Yellow and Pink

4th Vehicle Themed Team PR Season since Turbo, RPM and Operation Overdrive 

and i would like to see the Toqger Adaption Cast on Stage like Mega force , Dino Charge and Ninja Steel 

Guys Will This Be Fun

What Should it Be Called

1 Rail Force

2 Express Raiders

3 Train Brigade 

What Should There Base Look Like

Train Station/ Technical Place

or will the base be similar to mega force this time with trains or similar to light speed rescue this time with trains

What Should They Be?

High School Students or Collage Students


Red/ Adventurous/ Free Willing / Treasure Hunter 18 yrs  old ( Similar to Tyler Navarro)

Yellow/ Sarcasstic/ Physics/ Scientist 18 yrs old

Green/ Serious/ Loner/ Tennis Player 19 yrs old

Pink/ Cheerful/ Shy/ Beauty Pagant Queen 17 yrs old

Blue/ Comic Book Geek/ Clusmy/ Funny Type 18 yrs old

Orange/ Hard Working/Mature 27 yrs old

What Should There Mentor Be Like

Conductor or Normal Person ( Similar to Kendall)

should we keep wagon or the ticket puppet in the adaption  

So i came up with names






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