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Power Rangers Super Samurai is the 19th series of Power Rangers. It is a continuation of Power Rangers Samurai. For the first time in Power Rangers history, the Super Samurai Mode serves as the normal Ranger mode as the Sentai counterpart were enhancement modes.

Super Samurai RangersEdit

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Colors Rangers Played by Picture

Super Samurai Red Ranger  (1)   of the Fire

Jayden Shiba Alex Heartman Prs-rg-jayden-super

Super Samurai Blue Ranger   of the Water 





Super Samurai Pink Ranger   of the Air 

Mia Watanabe Erika Fong Prs-rg-mia-super

Super Samurai Green Ranger   of the Forest 

Mike Hector David Jr. Prs-rg-mike-super

Super Samurai Yellow Ranger   of the Earth 

Emily Brittany Anne Pirtle Prs-rg-emily-super

Gold Samurai Ranger   of the Light 

Antonio Garcia Steven Skyler Prs-rg-antonio-super
Super Samurai Red Ranger (2)

of the Fire 

Lauren Shiba Kimberley Crossman Prs-rg-lauren-super


Colors Rangers Played by Picture
Past Red Samurai Ranger

of the Fire

Mr.Shiba Stevan A. Davis Prs-rg-mr.shiba2

Rangers Edit

Power Rangers Super Samurai 19Edit

Prs-rg-jayden-super Prs-rg-kevin-super Prs-rg-mia-super
Prs-rg-mike-super Prs-rg-emily-super Prs-rg-antonio-super

Rangers Shark Mode Edit

Prs-rg-jayden-shark Prs-rg-lauren-shark Prs-rg-mike-shark

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