Color Name Played by Gender Picture Mechazords Mega Weapons
Megaforce Red Xander Bly Richard


(Male) Prmf-rg-xander Gosei Dragon Mechazord Dragon Sword
Megaforce Pink Trini Kwan Audri Dubrois (Female) Mmpr-rg-trini Gosei Phoenix Mechazord Phoenix Shot
Megaforce Black Hunter Bradley Adam Tuominen (Male) Prns-rg-hunter Gosei Snake Mechazord Snake Axe
Megaforce Yellow Wesley Collins Jason Faunt (Male) Prtf-rg-wes Gosei Tiger Mechazord Tiger Claw
Megaforce Blue Adam Park Johnny Yong Bosch (Male) Mmpr-rg-adam Gosei Shark Mechazord Shark Bowgun
Megaforce Gold Elizabeth Delgado Monica May (Female) Prspd-rg-z Lion Mechazord Vulcan Cannon

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