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Power Rangers Super Megaforce will air on Nickelodeon during 2014. The show will be based on Super Sentai: Gokaiger. On September 2012, Saban registered the name Ultra Megaforce, which could become the official title of the series, however it was proven untrue as the Ultra Megaforce name was the Mega Rangers' enhancement modes.


Ranger Colors Rangers Unmorphed Names Rangers Played by Ranger Pictures Super Mega Roll Call
Super Megaforce Red Ranger Troy Burrows  2 Andrew Gray Prsm-rg-troy2 Super Megaforce Red!
Super Megaforce Blue Ranger Noah Carver 2 John Mark Loudermilk Prsm-rg-noah2 Super Megaforce Blue!
Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger  Gia Moran 2  Ciara Hanna Prsm-rg-gia2 Super Megaforce Yellow!
Super Megaforce Green Ranger Jake Holling 2 Azim Rizk Prsm-rg-jake2 Super Megaforce Green!
Super Megaforce Pink Ranger Emma Goodall  2 Christina Masterson Prsm-rg-emma2 Super Megaforce Pink!
Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Orion Cameron Jebo Prsm-rg-orion2 Super Megaforce ?!
Super Megaforce Silver Gold Mode Orion Cameron Jebo photo? Gold Mode?


Rangers Season Super Megaforce 21 Edit

Prsm-rg-troy2 Prsm-rg-emma2 Prsm-rg-jake2
Prsm-rg-gia2 Prsm-rg-noah2 Prsm-rg-orion2


The Ranger Legends are a team of veteran Rangers who team up with the Mega Rangers to defeat the villains. They are slated to appear in the series finale of Super Megaforce, "Legendary Battle".

  • Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver / Green Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
  • Selwyn Ward as Theodore  Jay "T.J." Jarvis  Johnson / Blue Space Ranger (Power Rangers Space)
  • Patricia Ja Lee as Cassie Chan / Pink Space Ranger (Power Rangers Space)
  • Danny Slavin as Leo Corbett / Red Galaxy Ranger (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
  • Reggie Rolle as Damon Henderson / Green Galaxy  Ranger (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
  • Melody Perkins as Karone / Pink Galaxy  Ranger (2) (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
  • Sean Cw Johnson as Carter Grayson / Red Lightspeed Ranger (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Alison MacInnis as Dana Mitchell / Pink Lightspeed Ranger ( Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Jason Faunt as Wesley "Wes" Collins / Red Time Force Ranger (Power Rangers Time Force)
  • Brittany Pirtle as Emily / Yellow Samurai  Ranger (Power Rangers Samurai / Power Rangers Super Samurai)
  • Hector David Jr. as Mike / Green Samurai  Ranger (Power Rangers Samurai / Power Rangers Super Samurai)


  • Stephen Butterworth as Prince Vekar (voice)
  • Rebecca Parr as Levira (voice)
  • John Leigh as Damaras (voice)
  • Mark Wright as Argus (voice)
  • X Borgs
  • Bruisers
  • Andrew Laing as The Messenger (voice)


  • Geoffrey Dolan as Gosei (voice)
  • Estevez Gillespie as Tensou (voice)
  • Ian Harcourt as Mr. Burley
  • Shailesh Prajapati as Ernie
  • Alex Heartman as Jayden Shiba
  • Rene Naufahu as Mentor Ji
  • Jason Smith as Casey Rhodes


  • 1. Super Megaforce
  • 2. Earth Fights Back
  • 3. Blue Saber Saga
  • 4. A Lion's Alliance
  • 5. Samurai Surprise
  • 6. Spirit of the Tiger
  • 7. Silver Lining, Part 1
  • 8. Silver Lining, Part 2
  • 9. Power of Six
  • 10. The Perfect Storm
  • 11. Love is in the Air
  • 12. United as One
  • 13. The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer
  • 14. In the Driver's Seat
  • 15. All Hail Prince Vekar
  • 16. Vrak is Back, Part 1
  • 17. Vrak is Back, Part 2
  • 18. Emperor Mavro
  • 19. The Wrath
  • 20. Legendary Battle

Possible Up Coming Rangers formsEdit

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  • There will not be any Ranger Keys created for the Phantom Ranger, the Titanium Ranger, the Nova Ranger and the Spirit Rangers, however the Titanium Ranger will appear in the show, as confirmed by set pictures showing the Ranger battling alongside with several Rangers for the Mega War footage, making the only Ranger to take part with other Rangers in Mega War without a Ranger Key.
  • It is not yet confirmed if the Extra Rangers and the Ranger-like allies (excluding the Magna Defender) will appear in Mega War footage.

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