Color Name Played by Gender Picture Foldingzords Samurai Weapons
1 Trip Regis (Male) Prtf-rg-trip Lion FoldingZord/Tiger Zord Fire Smasher
2 Carlos Vallerte (Male) Pris-rg-carlos Dragon FoldingZord/Swordfish Zord Hydro Bow
3 Lily Chilman (Female) Prjf-rg-lily Turtle FoldingZord Sky Fan
4 T.J. Johnson (Male) Prt-rg-tj Bear FoldingZord/Beetle Zord Forest Spear
5 Jayden Shiba (Male) Prs-rg-jayden Ape FoldingZord Earth Slicer
6 Lauren Shiba (Female) Prs-rg-lauren2 OctoZord /ClawZord Barracuda Blade

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