Color Role Actor Picture
Pink Samurai Ranger Emily Brittany Pirtle Prs-rg-emily
Green Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia Steven Skyler Prs-rg-antonio
Red Samurai Ranger Lauren Shiba Kimberley Crossman Prs-rg-lauren
Yellow Samurai Ranger Zack Taylor Walter Jones Mmpr-rg-zack
Blue Samurai Ranger Mike Hector David Jr. Prs-rg-mike
Orange Samurai Ranger Jayden Shiba Alex Heartman Prsm-rg-jayden
Purple Samurai Ranger Cassie Chan Patricia Ja Lee Pris-rg-cassie

Cast of RangersEdit

  • Brittany Pirtle as Emily  (Pink Samurai Ranger)
  • Steven Skyler as Antonio Garcia (Green Samurai Ranger)
  • Kimberly Crosssman as Lauren Shiba  (Red Samurai Ranger)
  • Walter Jones as Zack Taylor (Yellow Samurai Ranger)
  • Hector David Jr. as Mike  (Blue Samurai Ranger)
  • Alex Heartman as Jayden Shiba  (Orange Samurai Ranger)
  • Patricia Ja Lee as Cassie Chan (Purple Samurai Ranger)

Cast of AlliesEdit

Cast of VillainsEdit


# Airdate Episode Title
1 Origins: Part 1
2 Origins: Part 2
3 The Team Unites
4 Deal With A Nighlok
5 Day Off
6 Stick & Stones
7 A Fish Out Of Water
8 There Go The Brides
9 I’ve Got A Spell On Yellow
10 Forest For The Trees
11 Test Of The Leader
12 Lauren’s Challenge
13 Unexpected Arrival
14 Room For One More
15 The Blue And The Gold
16 Team Spirit
17 The Tengen Gate
18 Boxed In
19 Broken Dreams
20 The Ultimate Duel
21 Super Samurai
22 Shell Game
23 Trading Places
24 Something Fishy
25 The Rescue
26 The Bullzord
27 She Ain’t Heavy, Metal She’s My Sister
28 Mike’s Choice
29 Runaway Spike
30 The Strange Case Of The Munchies
31 A Sticky Situation
32 Trust Me
33 The Master Returns
34 A Crack In The World
35 Stroke Of Fate
36 Fight Fire With Fire
37 The Great Duel
38 Evil Reborn
39 The Sealing Symbol
40 Samurai Forever
Halloween Special #1 Party Monsters
Movie Special Clash Of The Red Rangers
Christmas Special #1 Christmas Together, Friends Forever
Halloween Special #2 Trickster Treat
Christmas Special #2 Stuck On Christmas

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