Power Rangers Samurai is the 19th series of Power Rangers. It began airing on Feburary 7, 2011 on Nickelodeon. The show is based on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. The series marked the return of an American cast members to play Rangers since Wild Force and after production relocated to New Zealand and cast members were replaced by New Zealander and Australian cast members. It will be the second series to have two seasons, first being Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Cast of  Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai Edit


Power Rangers Samurai logoPower Rangers Samurai 


Morphin! Call: "Samuraizer! Go! Go! Samurai!"

Morphin! Call: "Samurai Morpher! Gold Power!"

Morphin! Call: "Super Samurai Mode!"

Samurai RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Pictures

Red Samurai Ranger

Jayden Shiba Alex Heartman Prs-rg-jayden

Blue Samurai Ranger

Kevin Najee De-Tiege Prs-rg-kevin

Pink Samurai Ranger

Mia Watanabe

Erika Fong 4 prs-rg-mia

Green Samurai Ranger

Mike Hector David Jr. 5 rs-rg-mike

Yellow Samurai Ranger

Emily Brittany Anne Pirtle 2 prs-rg-emily

Gold Samurai Ranger

Antonio Garcia Steven Skyler Prs-rg-antonio

Red Samurai Ranger II

Lauren Shiba Kimberly Crossman 1 se 2 prs-rg-lauren

Past Red Samurai Ranger

Mr.Shiba Stevan A. Davis Prs-rg-mr.shiba2

Evil RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Pictures 
Deker Deker Ricardo Medina Jr. Prs-rg-deker2
Deker-Nighlok Form Deker Ricardo Medina Jr. Prs-rg-deker-nighlok form2

Samurai TeamEdit

Rangers Season Samurai 18 Edit

Prs-rg-jayden Prs-rg-kevin Prs-rg-mia
Prs-rg-mike Prs-rg-emily Prs-rg-antonio
1 se 2 prs-rg-lauren Prs-rg-mr.shiba2

Evil Rangers bybaEdit

Prs-rg-deker2 Prs-rg-deker-nighlok form2

Rangers Super Mode fresqEdit

Prs-rg-jayden-super Prs-rg-kevin-super Prs-rg-mia-super
Prs-rg-mike-super Prs-rg-emily-super Prs-rg-lauren-super

Rangers Shark Attack Mode Edit

Prs-rg-jayden-shark Prs-rg-lauren-shark Prs-rg-mike-shark


  • vvvvhkh,j,Rene Naufahu as Mentor Ji
  • Paul Schrier and Felix Ryan as Bulk and Spike
  • Daniel Sewell as Serena Stewart
  • Leand Macadaan as Matthew
  • Chris Campbell as Reese
  • Aaron Anderson (uncredited) as Mr. Douglas
  • Steven A. Davis as Master Shiba: Jayden's father
  • Daniel Sewell as Ryan
  • John Leigh as Fisherman
  • Grant McFarland as Daisuke


  • Jeff Szusterman as Xandred and Octoroo
  • Kate Elliot as Dayu
  • Ricardo Medina Jr. as Deker: Xandred's left-hand manjhhmkh


Season 1: 2011Edit

  1. The Team Unites
  2. Deal With a Nighlok
  3. Day Off
  4. Sticks and Stones
  5. Fish Out of Water
  6. There Go the Brides
  7. I've Got a Spell on Blue
    • Jayden breaks the spell on Kevin.
  8. Forest For the Trees
  9. Test of the Leader
  10. Jayden's Challenge
  11. Unexpected Arrival
    • Antonio is introduced.
  12. Room for One More
    • Antonio becomes the Gold Ranger.
  13. The Blue and the Gold
  14. Team Spirit
  15. The Tengen Gate
  16. Boxed In
  17. Broken Dreams
  18. The Ultimate Deal
    • Jayden vs Deker.
  19. Origins, Part 1
    • The first episode chronologically.
  20. Origins, Part 2
  21. Party Monsters (Halloween Special)
  22. Christmas Together, Friends Forever (Christmas Special)
  23. The Clash of the Red Rangers
    • The RPM Rangers Red is reintrodructed

Season 2: 2012Edit

  1. Super Samurai
  2. Shell Game
  3. Trading Places
  4. Something Fishy
  5. The Rescue
  6. The Bullzord
  7. He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother
  8. Kevin's Choice
  9. Runaway Spike
  10. The Strange Case of the Munchies
  11. A Sticky Situation
  12. Trust Me
  13. The Master Returns
  14. A Crack In The World
  15. Stroke of Fate
  16. Fight Fire with Fire
  • Enter Lauren

17. The Great Duel

18.Evil Reborn

19.The Sealing Symbol

20. Samurai Forever

21.Trickster Treat (Halloween special) 

22. Stuck on Christmas (Christmas Special)


2011 update

  • Samurai is the first season to have more than 32 episodes since S.P.D. and the first season to have more than 38 episodes since Wild Force.
  • It is the first season in which all Rangers are samurai, though they are not the first Rangers to have samurai powers, having been preceded by Ninja Storm's Cameron Watanabe (whose Green Samurai Ranger title is used by Mike as well).
  • Production is still set in New Zealand but will have a mixed American/Canadian/New Zealander/Australian cast, while it will be set for broadcast in the US on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons.
  • The first Power Rangers set to be broadcast on Nickelodeon, with reruns of this series soon to be shown on Nicktoons.
  • The series features two costumes for each Ranger. First, the normal Ranger costume, which is the same as its Super Sentai counterpart, is used in ground fights. When the Samurai Rangers pilot their zords, they enter their Mega Mode, donning new costumes created specifically for the Power Rangers version of the series. The Mega Mode costume features shoulder armor, a more detailed helmet, and a sculpted mouthpiece, which the normal costume lacks.
  • It's the fifth season to have a African-American to be a Blue Ranger - Kevin. T.J. Johnson is the first human African-American Blue Ranger (in Power Rangers in Space), after Cestro of Aquitar from Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, preceding Max Cooper from Wild Force, and Ethan James from Dino Thunder.
  • This is the sixth season to have a ranger with Latino descent (Mike). The previous six Latino Rangers were Rocky DeSantos (Mighty Morphin season 2-Zeo), Carlos Vallerte (Turbo-In Space), Danny Delgado (Wild Force), Elizabeth Delgado (S.P.D.) and Madison and Vida Rocca (Mystic Force).
  • Mike is also the second Latino character who is a Green Ranger following Carlos.
  • This season will be the fourth to feature two Power Rangers of Asian descent on the same team (Mia & Antonio Garcia). The first three were Ninja Storm (Blake & Cam), Operation Overdrive (Dax & Rose), and RPM (Gem & Gemma).
  • This is the third series to feature a Asian-American female to be a Pink Ranger, Mia. The first two were Cassie Chan from Turbo and In Space and Rose Ortiz from Operation Overdrive.
  • Mike, and Emily are the second and third Rangers to share a name with a previous character, Ranger or not. They share their names with Mike Corbett (the Magna Defender) from Lost Galaxy, and Emily from Zeo. The first character with this trait was Kat Manx from S.P.D., whose name is shared with Kat Hillard (Mighty Morphin Season 3-Turbo).
  • The twelfth season in which an actor from a previous series returned to play either a different role or reprise their own. For Samurai, Paul Schrier reprises his MMPR/Zeo/Turbo/Space/Lost Galaxy/Wild Force role of Bulk, Ricardo Medina, Jr. (credited as Rick Medina in the openings), who played Cole Evans in Wild Force, will play Deker, and Grant McFarland, who played Lothor in Ninja Storm will return as Daisuke.
  • This series marks Bulk's second appearance without Skull. The first being Lost Galaxy
  • Due to Saban regaining the rights to the Power Rangers francise and brand, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme is used again in a remixed form for the opening theme.
  • According to sources online two Saban-era actors may return for this season either as characters or just behind the scenes advisors the actors in question are Ricardo Medina Jr. (Cole the Red Wild Force Ranger) and Paul Schrier (Bulk of Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy). Bulk was later confirmed, with Deker confirmed to be Ricardo Medina.
  • This season marks the second time the line up consists of a Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger and Gold Ranger the last time this was done was back in Zeo.
  • This also the first season to have back-to-back Gold Rangers between two seasons.
  • This season marks the fifth time the Pink and Yellow Ranger both have skirts attached to their uniform. This season has Mia (Erika Fong) and Emily (Brittany Anne Pirtle).
  • Is the first season of Power Rangers to be broadcast in widescreen 16:9 and 1080i-HDTV whereas the rest were broadcast in fullscreen 4:3 and 480i-SDTV.
  • Both Saban and Nickelodeon consider the re-version MMPR as season 18 rather than re-runs of the first season, and as a result are promoting Samurai as season 19.
  • This is the first series to have a "cold-opening" since Power Rangers Time Force.
  • This is first season to not to be aired in a chronological order.
  • The casting sheet for the red ranger referred to him as Reese. This name was used instead for one of Mike's gamer friends in The Team Unites.
  • This is the third season (after Mighty Morphin' Season 2 and Season 3) in which the rangers' zords/megazords have a cockpit that differs from the Sentai version.
  • This is the 11th season to feature a Battlizer.
  • Samurai featured the long-awaited return of Bulk, who has been absent after Wild Force’s Red Ranger team-up episode Forever Red. The same actor (Paul Schrier) who has been playing Bulk from MMPR up until Wild Force is reprising his role.
  • Samurai spawned a cast similar to the actors in Power Rangers in Space. Like that series, this one featured a Red Ranger (Jayden) and Yellow Ranger (Emily) as Caucasians, a Blue Ranger (Kevin) as an African-American, a Pink Ranger (Mia) as an Asian and a Green Ranger as a Latino (Mike).
  • It would be possible for later episodes with a character based on the female ShinkenRed from Shinkenger that there will or will not be a female version of the Red Samurai Ranger in this American adapt of Shinkenger. Like its counterpart, it had two Red Rangers that were different genders. This was previously applied in Power Rangers: S.P.D. It has also been confirmed of a female actress for a Red Samurai Ranger. It is unknown how she will be put in place, however.
  • It is the second season to feature a Ranger(s) almost getting married, after RPM.
  • This is the first season since Ninja Storm to consist of a mainly American cast. Ironically, Mystic Force, the last season to have a Pink and Green Ranger on the same team, had a completely Australian cast.
    • On a related note, this is the first time a Pink Ranger and a Green Ranger were seen on the same Ranger team since Mystic Force.
  • This is the first Power Ranger team to not destroy monsters with a cannon or sword-like weapon, but uses a mixture of both, that being the Red Ranger's personal weapon.
  • This is the second season in which the Red Ranger's father was also once a Red Ranger, the first was SPD, though aside from a fight in Reflections, Sky didn't officially become Red Ranger until the end of the show.
  • This is the first season to show Enemy Foot Soldiers being regularly used against a Megazord in giant form.
  • Power Rangers Samurai premiered on the February 7th in America and May 7th in United Kingdom two months later, making it the first instance where a Power Rangers show debuted on the same date of two different months and in two different countries.
  • This is the first season to show an instant replay of a fight.
  • Saban says they are planning to make a 3rd Power Rangers movie. It'll likley be one about this season and be distributed by Parmount Pictures and produced by Nickelodeon Movies.
    • Saban also says that Power Rangers Samurai will last 2 years (but still only be considered one season) making it the first since Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to last more than 1 year.
  • This is the first time most of the rangers' last names are unknown. The only one we know for sure is Antonio's when he makes a big introduction in "Room for One More" and says that his last name is Garcia.
  • A popular rumor is that the second season of the show will use the Goseiger footage or pull another Zyu2 in which they used the Dairanger mecha and weapons and retain the Zyuranger suits.
  • This will be the first time since Turbo that the Red Ranger will have a power transfer. The first was the Mighty Morphin' Red Power Ranger with Jason Lee Scott to Rocky DeSantos. The next was from Tommy Oliver to T.J. Johnson in Turbo.


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