Color Role Actor Gender Picture
S.P.D. Red Ranger Xander Bly (Male) Prmf-rg-xander
S.P.D. Blue Ranger Summer Landsdown (Female) Prrpm-rg-summer
S.P.D. Green Ranger Kevin (Male) Prs-rg-kevin
S.P.D. Yellow Ranger Max Cooper (Male) Prwf-rg-max
S.P.D. Pink Ranger Ronny Robinson (Female) Proo-rg-ronny
S.P.D. Shadow Ranger Anubis "Doggie" Cruger (Male) Prspd-rg-doggie
S.P.D. Omega Ranger Sam (Male) Prspd-rg-sam
S.P.D. Kat Ranger Kat Manx (Female) Prspd-rg-kat
S.P.D. Nova Ranger Nova (Femae) Prspd-rg-nova
S.P.D. Gold Ranger Tanya Sloan (Female Prz-rg-tanya

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