Color Name Played by Gender Picture
1 Antonio Garcia Steven Skyler (Male) Prs-rg-antonio
2 Carter Grayson Sean Cw Johnson (Male) Prlr-rg-carter
3 Kelsey Winlow Sasha Williams (Female) Prlr-rg-kelsey
4 Chad Lee Michael Chaturanabut (Male) Prlr-rg-chad
5 Joel Rawlings Keith Robinson (Male) Prlr-rg-joel
6 Flynn McAllistair Ari Boyland (Male) Prrpm-rg-flynn
7 Merrick Baliton Phillip Andrew (Male) Prwf-rg-merrick
8 Dana Mitchell Alison MacInnis (Female) Prlr-rg-dana

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