The New Overdrive RangersEdit

Colors Rangers  Played by Genders Pictures Ranger Roll Call

Red Overive Ranger (Female)

Camille Holly Shanahan (Female) Prjf-rg-camille "Kick into Overdrive! Red Ranger!"
Black Overdrive Ranger Mack Hartford James MacLurcan (Male) Proo-rg-mack "Kick into Overdrive! Black Ranger!"
Blue Overdrive Ranger  Jake Holling Azim Rizk (Male) Prm-rg-jake "Kick into Overdrive! Blue Ranger!"
Yellow Overdrive Ranger (Male) Tyzonn Dwayne Cameron (Male) Proo-rg-tyzonn "Kick into Overdrive! Yellow Ranger!"
Pink Overdrive Ranger  Emily Lesley Tesh-Petersen (Female) 150px "Kick into Overdrive! Pink Ranger!"
Mercury Ranger  Jarrod Bede Skinner (Male) Prjf-rg-jarrod "Kick into Overdrive! Mercury Ranger!"

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