Color Role Actor Picture
Pink Overdrive Ranger Kira Ford  Emma Lahana Proo-rg-kira
Red Overdrive Ranger Adam Park Johnny Yong Bosch Proo-rg-adam
Blue Overdrive Ranger Mack Hartford James MacLurcan Proo-rg-mack
Black Overdrive Ranger Dax Lo Gareth Yuen Proo-rg-dax
Silver Overdrive Ranger Tyzonn Dwayne Cameron Proo-rg-tyzonn
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart Amy Jo Johnson Mmpr-rg-kimberly

Veteran RangersEdit

Color Role Actor Picture
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Billy Cranston David Yost Mmpr-rg-billy
Blue Space Ranger Carlos Vallerte Roger Velasco Pris-rg-carlos
Yellow Lightspeed Ranger Dana Mitchell Alison MacInnis Prlr-rg-dana
Green Galaxy Ranger Kai Chen Archie Kao Prlg-rg-kai
Black Dino Ranger Jason Lee Scott Austin St. John Mmpr-rg-jason

Cast of the RangersEdit

  • Emma Lahanna as Kira Ford  (Pink Overdrive Ranger)
  • Johnny Yong  Bosch as Adam Park  (Red Overdrive Ranger)
  • James MacLurcan as Mack Hartford  (Blue Overdrive Ranger)
  • Garth Yiuen as Dax Lo (Black Overdrive Ranger)
  • Dwayne Cameron as Tyzonn (Silver Overdrive Ranger)
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Ann Hart (Yellow Overdrive Ranger) 

Cast of the Veteran RangersEdit

Cast of AlliesEdit

Cast of VillainsEdit


No. Airdate Episode Title
1 03/06/38 Kick Into Overdrive: Part 1
2 03/13/38 Kick Into Overdrive: Part 2
3 03/20/38 The Underwater World
4 03/27/38 Heart Of Blue
5 04/03/38 Weather Or Not
6 04/10/38 Pirate In Pink
7 04/17/38 At All Cost
8 04/24/38 Both Sides Now
9 05/01/38 Follow The Ranger
10 05/08/38 Lights, Camera, Dax
11 05/15/38 Face To Face: Part 1
12 05/22/38 Face To Face: Part 2
13 05/29/38 Man Of Silver: Part 1
14 06/05/38 Man Of Silver: Part 2
15 06/12/38 Behind The Scenes
16 06/19/38 Just Like Me
17 06/26/38 It’s Hammer Time
18 07/03/38 Out Of Luck
19 07/10/38 One Gets Away
20 07/17/38 Once A Ranger: Part 1
21 07/24/38 Once A Ranger: Part 2
22 07/31/38 One Fine Day
23 08/07/38 Kimberly On Empty: Part 1
24 08/14/38 Kimberly On Empty: Part 2
25 08/21/38 Things Not Said
26 08/28/38 Blue Ranger Unplugged
27 09/04/38 Home And Away: Part 1
28 09/11/38 Home And Away: Part 2
29 09/18/38 Way Back When
30 09/25/38 Two Fallen Foes
31 10/02/38 Nothing To Lose
32 10/09/38 Crown And Punishment

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