Color Name Played by Gender Picture Roll Call
1 Joel Rawlings Keith Robinson (Male) Prlr-rg-joel Fearsome as Fire! Red Mystic Ranger!
2 Danny Delgado Jack Guzman (Male) Prwf-rg-danny Fast as Lightning~Yellow Mystic Ranger
3 Boom Kelson Henderson (Male) Prspd-rg-boom Fluid as the Sea~Blue Mystic Ranger
4 Katie Walker Deborah Estelle Phillips (Female) Prtf-rg-katie Ever-changing as the Wind~Pink Mystic Ranger
5 Emma Goodall Christina Masterson (Female) Prm-rg-emma Strong as a Tree~Green Mystic Ranger!
6 Dax Lo Gareth Yuen (Male) Proo-rg-dax Flurry of Snow... White Mystic Ranger!
7 Justin Stewart Blake Forster (Male) Prt-rg-justin Power of the Sun~Gold Mystic Ranger
8 Jen Scotts Erin Cahill (Female) Prtf-rg-jen Burning Heart of Fire! Crimson Mystic Ranger Defender of Truth
9 Dustin Brooks Glenn McMillan (Male) Prns-rg-dustin Powe of the Shining Moon~Purple Mystic Ranger

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