Might Morphin Power Rangers Ninja Ranger Form Edit

Mmpr-rg-rocky-red ninja ranger Mmpr-rg-aisha-yellow ninja ranger Mmpr-rg-billy-blue ninja ranger
Mmpr-rg-kimberly-pink ninja ranger Mmpr-rg-kat-pink ninja ranger
Mmpr-rg-adam-black ninja ranger Mmpr-rg-tommy-white ninja ranger

Power Rangers SPD SWAT ModeEdit

Prspd-rg-jack-swatmode Prspd-rg-sky-swatmode Prspd-rg-bridge-swatmode
Prspd-rg-z-swatmode Prspd-rg-syd-swatmode
Prspd-rg-sam-swatmode Prspd-rg-boom-swatmode

Power Rangers Mystic Force Legend ModeEdit

Prmf-rg-nick-legendmode Prmf-rg-chip-legendmode Prmf-rg-madison-legendmode
Prmf-rg-vida-legendmode Prmf-rg-xander-legendmode

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Jungle Master Mode Edit

Prjf-rg-casey-master Prjf-rg-lily-master Prjf-rg-theo-master

Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai Super ModeEdit

Prs-rg-jayden-super Prs-rg-kevin-super Prs-rg-mia-super
Prs-rg-mike-super Prs-rg-emily-super Prs-rg-lauren-super

Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai Shark Attack Mode Edit

Prs-rg-jayden-shark Prs-rg-lauren-shark Prs-rg-mike-shark

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