Color Role Actor Picture
Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Emma Goodall Christina Masterson Prsm-rg-emma
Jungle Fury Purple Ranger Adam Park Johnny Yong Bosch Mmpr-rg-adam
Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Robert James David de Lautour Prjf-rg-rj
Jungle Fury Red Ranger Dominick Hargan Nikolai Nikolaeff Prjf-rg-dominick
Jungle Fury Orange Ranger Jarrod Bede Skinner Prjf-rg-jarrod2
Jungle Fury Pink Ranger Camille Holly Shanahan Prjf-rg-camille2
Jungle Fury Lavender Ranger Casey Rhodes Jason Smith Prjf-rg-casey-master

Spirit RangersEdit

Color Role Actor Picture
Jungle Fury Green Ranger Masters Phant Bruce Allpress Prjf-rg-phant4
Jungle Fury Black Ranger Masters Swoop Oliver Driver Prjf-rg-swoop4
Jungle Fury Aqua Ranger Masters Finn Paul Gittens Prjf-rg-finn4

Cast of the RangersEdit

  • Christina Masterson as Emma Goodall (Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park (Jungle Fury Purple Ranger)
  • David de Lautour as Robert James  (Jugle Fury Blue Ranger)
  • Nikolai Nikolaeff as Dominick Hargan (Jungle Fury Red Ranger)
  • Bede Skinner as Jarrod (Jungle Fury Orange Ranger)
  • Holly Shanahan as Camille (Jungle Fury Pink Ranger)
  • Jason Smith as Casey Rhodes (Jungle Fury Lavender Ranger)

Cast of the Spirit RangersEdit

Cast of AlliesEdit

Cast of VillainsEdit


  • Battle Claws
  • Claw Boosters
  • Jungle Master Mode
  • Strike Rider (Red Ranger)

Animal SpiritsEdit

  • Tiger Animal Spirit
  • Jaguar Animal Spirit
  • Cheetah Animal Spirit
  • Elephant Animal Spirit
  • Bat Animal Spirit
  • Shark Animal Spirit
  • Gorilla Animal Spirit
  • Antelope Animal Spirit
  • Penguin Animal Spirit
  • Wolf Animal Spirit
  • Lion Animal Spirit
  • Chameleon Animal Spirit
  • Rhino Animal Spirit

Jungle Pride MegazordEdit

  • Jungle Pride Megazord
  • Jungle Pride Megazord (Elephant Power)
  • Jungle Pride Megazord (Bat Power)
  • Jungle Pride Megazord (Shark Power)

Jungle Master MegazordEdit

  • Jungle Master Megazord

Wolf Pride MegazordEdit

  • Wolf Pride Megazord (Bat Power)

Rhino Steel ZordEdit

  • Rhino Steel Zord

Jungle ChargeEdit

  • Jungle Pride Charge
  • Jungle Master Stampede
  • Animal Spirit Stampede
  • Jungle Pride Charge (Chameleon & Lion Power)


No. Airdate Episode Title
1 02/04/40 Welcome To The Jungle: Part 1
2 02/11/40 Welcome To The Jungle: Part 2
3 02/18/40 Sigh Of The Tiger
4 02/25/40 A Taste Of Poison
5 03/03/40 Can’t Win Them All
6 03/10/40 Dance The Night Away
7 03/17/40 Pizza Slice Of Life
8 03/24/40 Way Of The Master
9 03/31/40 Good Karma, Bad Karma
10 04/07/40 Blind Leading The Blind
11 04/14/40 Pushed To The Edge
12 04/21/40 One Master Too Many
13 04/28/40 Ghost Of A Chance: Part 1
14 05/05/40 Ghost Of A Chance: Part 2
15 05/12/40 Bad To The Bone
16 05/19/40 Friends Don’t Fade Away
17 05/26/40 No “I” In Leader
18 06/02/40 True Friends, True Spirits
19 06/10/40 Path Of The Rhino
20 06/16/40 Dash For The Dagger
21 06/23/40 Race To The Nexus
22 06/30/40 Arise The Crystal Eyes
23 07/04/40 Fear And The Phantoms
24 07/14/40 Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
25 07/21/40 One Last Second Chance
26 07/28/40 Don’t Blow That Dough
27 08/04/40 Happy Birthday, Jarrod & Camille
28 08/11/40 The Spirit Of Kindness
29 08/18/40 Maryl And The Monkeys
30 08/25/40 To Earn Your Stripes
31 09/01/40 The Fate of Jungle Fury: Part 1
32 09/08/40 The Fate of Jungle Fury: Part 2