Power Rangers Jungle Fury is the 16th series of the television series. Unlike any series of the show, it did not include a crossover with previous series nor having a Pink Ranger. During the series, it received mixed to negative reviews.

Juken Sentai Gekiranger


Power Rangers Jungle Fury LogoPower Rangers Jungle Fury


Morphin! Call: "Jungle Beast! Spirit Ungleashed!"

Morphin! Call: "Jungle Master Mode!"


Roll Calls: We summon the Animal Spirits from within! Power Rangers Jungle Fury!"

Jungle Fury RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Jungle Fury Red Ranger Casey Rhodes Jason Smith Prjf-rg-casey "With the strength of a Tiger! Jungle Fury Red Ranger!"
Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Theo Martin Aljin Abella Prjf-rg-theo "With the stealth of a Jaguar! Jungle Fury Blue Ranger!"
Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Lily Chilman Anna Hutchinson Prjf-rg-lily "With the speed of a Cheetah! Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger!"
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Robert James Finn David de Lautour Prjf-rg-rj "With the courage of a Wolf! Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger!"
Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger Dominick Hargan Nikolai Nikolaeff Prjf-rg-dominick "With the power of a Rhino! Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger!"
Jungle Fury Bat Ranger Master Swoop Oliver Driver BatRanger "With the spirit of the Bat! Jungle Fury Bat Ranger!"
Jungle Fury Shark Ranger Master Finn Paul Gittens SharkRanger "With the spirit of the Shark! Jungle Fury Shark Ranger!"
Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger Master Phant Bruce Allpress ElephantRanger "With the spirit of the Elephant! Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger!"
Black Lion Warrior Jarrod Bede Skinner Prjf-rg-jarrod2 "With the spirit of a Mighty Lion!"
Green Chameleon Warrior Camille Holly Shanahan Prjf-rg-camille2 "With the cunning of a Chameleon!"

Jungle Master Mode RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Jungle Master Red Ranger Casey Rhodes Jason Smith Prjf-rg-casey-master "With the spirit of a Tiger! Full Fury! Jungle Master Red Ranger!"
Jungle Master Blue Ranger Theo Martin Aljin Abella Prjf-rg-theo-master "With the stealth of a Jaguar! Full Fury! Jungle Master Blue Ranger!"
Jungle Master Yellow Ranger Lily Chilman Anna Hutchinson Prjf-rg-lily-master "With the speed of a Cheetah! Jungle Master Yellow Ranger!"

Evil RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Lion  Warrior I Dai Shi  Geoff Dolan Prjf-rg-dai shi "With the spirit of a Mighty Lion!"
Phantom Beast King I Dai Shi  Geoff Dolan Prjf-rg-dai shi-phantom "With the spirit of a Phantom Beast King"
Lion Warrior II Jarrod Bede Skinner Prjf-rg-jarrod "With the spirit of a Mighty Lion!"
Phantom Beast King II Jarrod Bede Skinner Prjf-rg-jarrod-phantom "With the spirit of a Phantom Beast King"
Green Chameleon Warrior Camille Holly Shanahan Prjf-rg-camille "With the cunning of a Chameleon!"
Phoenix Beast Form Camille Holly Shanahan Prjf-rg-camille-phoenix "With the cunning of a Phoenix!"

Jungle Fury RangersEdit

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Ranger Form 16Edit

Red Jungle Ranger Form Yellow Jungle Ranger Form Blue Jungle Ranger Form
Violet Wolf Ranger Form White Rhino Ranger Form

Rangers Season Jungle Fury 16Edit

Prjf-rg-casey Prjf-rg-lily Prjf-rg-theo
Prjf-rg-rj Prjf-rg-dominick
Prjf-rg-phant4 Prjf-rg-swoop4 Prjf-rg-finn4
Prjf-rg-elephant2 Prjf-rg-bat4 Prjf-rg-shark4

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Ranger Form Master Mode 16Edit

Red Jungle Ranger Master Mode Yellow Jungle Ranger Master Mode Blue Jungle Ranger Master Mode

Rangers Jungle Master ModeEdit

Prjf-rg-casey-master Prjf-rg-lily-master Prjf-rg-theo-master

Evil RangersEdit

Prjf-rg-dai shi Prjf-rg-dai shi-phantom
Prjf-rg-jarrod Prjf-rg-jarrod-phantom
Prjf-rg-camille Prjf-rg-camille-phoenix

Jungle Fury Rangers Names PhotosEdit


  • Sarah Thomson as Fran: She is one of the Rangers' friends and has a crush on Dominic.
  • Aljin Abella as Luen Martin: Theo's identical twin brother.
  • Kelson Henderson as Flit: Camille's former sworn enemy who was turned into a fly, but in the penultimate episodes, he was reverted back into a human.

Jungle MastersEdit

The Jungle Masters are ranger-like mentors who transforms into the spirits. Each spirit has a Zord except Master Phant, Finn and Swoop, who can merge their Zords with them to become the Spirit Rangers and Master Mao, who was originally the mentor of the Rangers.

  • Bruce Allpress as Master Phant
  • Paul Gittens as Master Finn
  • Oliver Driver as Master Swoop
  • Nathaniel Lees as Master Mao: The Rangers' original mentor until he was killed by Dai Shi. The master of the Caracol spirit.
  • Andrew Laing as Master Lope
  • Michelle Langstone as Master Guin
  • Stig Eldred as Master Rilla


  • Dai Shi / Jarrod
  • Camille

Five Fingers of PoisonEdit

  • Rantipede : "A hundred legs to strike you-Rantipede!"
  • Gakko : "Master of trickery and deceit-Gakko!"
  • Toady : ?
  • Stingerella : "Queen of the toxic dance-Stingerella!"
  • Naja : "Fangs full of venom-Naja!"


  • Carnisoar - The Sky Overlord
  • Jellica - The Water Overlord
  • Grizzaka - The Earth Overlord

Phantom Beast GeneralsEdit

  • Snapper : "Phantom Beast General Snapper, with the Spirit of the Snapping Turtle!"
  • Whiger  : "A Phantom Beast General, holds the spirit of the White Tiger!"
  • Scorch : "Phantom Beast General Scorch, with the Spirit of the Avalon Dragon!"


  • Claw Cannon
  • Control Dagger
  • Shark Sabers
  • Jungle Fan
  • Jungle Mace
  • Jungle Bo
  • Jungle Tonfa
  • Junglechucks


  • Claw Boosters
  • Rhino Morpher
  • Wolf Morpher
  • Solar Morphers


  • Rhino Warrior Mode
  • Jungle Master Megazord with Shark Power
  • Jungle Master Megazord with Bat Power
  • Jungle Master Megazord with Elephant Power
  • Jungle Master Megazord
  • Wolf Pride Megazord
  • Jungle Pride Megazord with Shark Power
  • Jungle Pride Megazord with Bat Power
  • Jungle Pride Megazord with Elephant Power
  • Jungle Pride Megazord


  • Fury Chamellon
  • Fury Lion
  • Fury Rhino Steel
  • Fury Antelope
  • Fury Pinguin
  • Fury Gorilla
  • fury Wolf
  • Fury Shark
  • Fury Bat
  • Fury Elaphant
  • Fury Jaguar
  • Fury Cheetah
  • Fury Tiger


  1. Welcome to the Jungle (1)
  2. Welcome to the Jungle (2)
  3. Sigh of the Tiger
  4. A Taste of Poison
  5. Can't Win Them All
  6. Dance the Night Away
  7. Pizza Slice of Life
  8. Way of the Master
  9. Good Karma, Bad Karma
  10. The Blind Leading the Blind
  11. Pushed to the Edge
  12. One Master too Many
  13. Ghost of a Chance (1)
  14. Ghost of a Chance (2)
  15. Bad to the Bone
  16. Friends Don't Fade Away
  17. No 'I' in Leader
  18. True Friends, True Spirits
  19. Path of the Rhino
  20. Dash for the Dagger
  21. Race to the Nexus
  22. Arise the Crystal Eyes
  23. Fear and the Phantoms
  24. Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
  25. One Last Second Chance
  26. Don't Blow That Dough
  27. Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
  28. The Spirit of Kindness
  29. Maryl and the Monkeys
  30. To Earn Your Stripes
  31. Path of the Righteous
  32. Now the Final Fury


  • This is the first series to feature rangers using their Zords to battle grunts/foot soldiers. The animal spirits are basically each ranger's personal spirit and are only used for giant monster battles when combined.
  • This is the first series to have a Purple Ranger. Morgana doesn't count as she is only a ranger-like character and neither is Koragg, as his designation is Knight.
  • This is the second series featuring rangers chosen from a school of martial arts discipline -- the first being Ninja Storm.
  • This is the third series to feature rangers (Spirit Rangers) that are not adapted from Sentai.
  • This is the second series where the foot soldiers retain their name from the original Japanese Counterpart-- the first being Wild Force.
  • In this season all of the episodes titles are four words long.
  • This is the second season to have a second Blue Ranger. Ninja Storm was the first.
  • This is the third season to have the main villains (Jarrod and Camille) join the team as ranger-like allies. First being Karone in Lost Galaxy, the second being Koragg/Leanbow in Mystic Force.
  • This is the 3rd series that the current team doesn't teamup with the preceding team. (The first was Ninja Storm the second was Mystic Force).
  • It's also notable that this is the first season since Turbo where the Red Ranger doesn't have to upgrade to a battlizer mode.
  • This is the first time since Koragg, where Camille remains loyal to her master, but is the first general since Ecliptor not to be corrupted or turned against her master.
  • This is the fifth series not to feature a Pink Ranger, the first was the Alien Rangers, the second was Wild Force (Yet Alyssa's white suit shows some pink), the third was Ninja Storm, and the fourth was Dino Thunder.
  • This is the first season where there are rangers without belts, Except for Dominic.
  • This is the second season to have a parent(s) & children angle (RJ & Master Finn).
  • Michelle Langstone makes her second appearance in the Power Rangers world but this time as Master Guin.
  • This is the third series where to start off with only three rangers, the first being Ninja Storm and then Dino Thunder.
  • This is the second series to have a full "down under" cast (composed of three Aussies and two Kiwis).
  • This is the third season where a mentor/teacher became a Ranger. The first was Dino Thunder where Dr. O was a teacher to the Rangers but later joined the team as the Black Dino Ranger and the second was SPD with Doggie Cruger as the Shadow Ranger. Mystic Force's Udonna doesn't count as she was already the White Mystic Ranger from the beginning.
  • This Is The Final Series To Be Aired On Jetix And Toon Disney, Due To Toon Disney And Jetix Changing To Disney XD
  • This is the second season where the starting rangers morphers are not the same as their Sentai counterparts (Jungle Fury Solar Morphers as sunglasses and Gekiranger GekiChanger as guantlets). The first was the Magna Defender Morpher from Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.
  • With the Solar Morphers being sunglasses, this is the first series to feature morphers that are not worn on the wrist or held in the hands.
  • This is the first series not to feature rangers who have no interaction with both their predecessors or their successors in any form.
  • This is the only series to have a completely unnamed Zord combination in any way or form. Atleast the English adaption decided not to give the Chameleon Zord/Lion Zord combination with the other main ranger zords.

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