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Dr. Tommy Oliver, once the world's greatest Power Ranger has now retired as a science teacher at Reefside High after the destruction of his lab, and the disappearence of his partner Anton Mercer. As a mild manered science teacher, he finds himself stuck under the authority of the secretly villainous Principal Randall. When she puts him in charge of detention, he brings Conner: a hotshot soccer player, Ethan: a champion gamer, and Kira: a lone musician along on a fieldtrip to a museum. While the doctor's away, the bickering students fall into an underground lab, where they find the Dino Gems, which give them superhuman abilities. When Dr. Oliver learns that Mesogog, the one responsible for destroying his lab; has returned, he recruits the trio to become Power Rangers to fight against evil. With the power of the Dino Gems on their side, they must awaken robotic dinosaurs called Dinozords, which are a fusion of Dino DNA and technology.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger


Power Rangers Dino Thunder LogoPower Rangers Dino Thunder


Morphin! Call: "Dino Thunder! Power Up!"

Morphin! Call: "White Ranger! Dino Power!"


Roll Calls: Roar of Thunder! Power Rangers Dino Thunder!"

Dino Thunder RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Red Dino Ranger Conner McKnight James Napier Prdt-rg-conner "Tyranno Power! Red Ranger!"
Blue Dino Ranger Ethan James Kevin Dunahey Prdt-rg-ethan "Tricera Power! Blue Ranger!"
Yellow Dino Ranger Kira Ford Emma Lahana Prdt-rg-kira "Ptera Power! Yellow Ranger!"
Black Dino Ranger Dr. Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank Prdt-rg-tommy "Brachio Power! Black Ranger!"
White Dino Ranger Trent Hernandez-Mercer Jeffery Paparazzo Prdt-rg-trent "Drago Power! White Ranger!"
Triassic Ranger Conner McKnight James Napier Prdt-rg-conner2 "Triassic Power, Triassic Ranger!"

Evil RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
White Dino Ranger (clone) White Dino Ranger (clone) Adam Gardiner Prdt-rg-evil white dino ranger "Drago Power! White Ranger!"

Dino Thunder RangersEdit

Power Rangers Dino Thuder Ranger Form 12Edit

Red Dino Ranger Form Yellow Dino Ranger Form Blue Dino Ranger Form
Black Dino Ranger Form White Dino Ranger Form Triassic Dino Ranger Form

Rangers Season Dino Thunder 12Edit

Prdt-rg-conner Prdt-rg-ethan Prdt-rg-kira
Prdt-rg-tommy Prdt-rg-trent Prdt-rg-conner2
Prdt-rg-evil white dino ranger

Dino Thunder Rangers Names PhotosEdit


  • Sensei
  • Marah and Kapri
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  • Anton Mercer
  • Devin
  • Cassidy Cornell
  • Hayley


  • Lothor
  • Evil White Ranger clone
  • Elsa / Principal Randall
  • Zeltrax
  • Mesogog


  • Shield of Triumph
  • Z-Rex Blaster - (Tyranno Staff, Tricera Bunker, Ptera Grips, Brachio Staff, Drago Sword)
  • Drago Sword
  • Z-Rex Blaster - (Tyranno Staff, Tricera Bunker, Ptera Grips, Brachio Staff)
  • Brachio Staff
  • Z-Rex Blaster - (Tyranno Staff, Tricera Bunker, Ptera Grips)
  • Ptera Grips
  • Tricera Bunker
  • Tyranno Staff
  • Thundermax Blaster
  • Thundermax Saber


  • Triceramax Command Center Truck
  • Hovercraft Cycle
  • Dino ATVs
  • Raptor Cycles
  • Raptor Rider
  • Drago Morpher
  • Brachio Morpher
  • Dino Morphers
  • Dino Gem


  • Triceramax Megazord
  • Mezodon Megazord - Triassic Megarover
  • Mezodon Megazord
  • Valkasaurus Megazord
  • Dino Rage Megazord
  • Dino Stegazord - Ankylo Drill/Parasaur Final Cut
  • Dino Stegazord - Cephala Power Punch/Dimetro Saw Blade
  • Dino Stegazord
  • Thundersaurus Megazord - Stega Surfboard
  • Thundersaurus Megazord - Parasaur Final Cut/Ankylo Drill
  • Thundersaurus Megazord - Ankylo Double Drill
  • Thundersaurus Megazord - Parasaur Final Cut
  • Thundersaurus Megazord - Dimetro Saw Blade
  • Thundersaurus Megazord - Cephala Power Punch
  • Thundersaurus Megazord - Thundersaurus Incomplete
  • Thundersaurus Megazord


  • Ankylozord
  • Parasaurzord
  • Dimetrozord
  • Cephalazord
  • Mezodon Rover
  • Stegozord
  • Dragozord
  • Brachiozord
  • Pterazord
  • Tricerazord
  • Tyrannozord


  1. Day Of The Dino Part 1
  2. Day Of The Dino Part 2
  3. Wave Goodbye
  4. Legacy of Power
  5. Back in Black
  6. Diva in Distress
  7. Game On
  8. Golden Boy
  9. Beneath the Surface
  10. Ocean Alert
  11. White Thunder Part 1
  12. White Thunder Part 2
  13. White Thunder Part 3
  14. Truth and Consequences
  15. Leader of the Whack
  16. Burning at Both Ends
  17. The Missing Bone
  18. Bully for Ethan
  19. Lost & Found in Translation
  20. It's a Mad Mad Mackerel
  21. Copy That
  22. Triassic Triumph
  23. A Star is Torn
  24. A Ranger Exclusive
  25. Tutenhawken's Curse
  26. Disappearing Act
  27. Fighting Spirit
  28. The Passion of Conner
  29. Isn't it Lava-ly
  30. Strange Relations
  31. Thunder Storm Part 1
  32. Thunder Storm Part 2
  33. In Your Dreams
  34. Drawn Into Danger
  35. House of Cards
  36. A Test of Trust
  37. Thunder Struck Part 1
  38. Thunder Struck Part 2


  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder is the first series since Power Rangers In Space to actually have the Rangers attend high school.
  • The episode "Thunder Storm Part 2" is the first episode in normal and crossover continuity in which the Rangers use almost every single weapon from their arsenals. Known weapons used are as follows: Cycles for both teams, Crimson Blaster, Navy Beetle Antlers, Thunder Staffs, Ninja Swords, Brachio Staff, Drago Sword, Super Dino Mode for all Dino Rangers except Black, Ptera Grips, Tricera Shield, Lion Hammer, Battlizers for both teams.
  • Dino Thunder is the second season since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers where a mentor had to teach the Rangers the right morphing call (in the second episode, Ethan asked if they needed a password, to which Dr. O responded "All you have to do is say 'Dino Thunder, Power Up.") (Ninja Storm being the first). In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zordon told the Rangers that all they had to do in order to morph, is "raise them (the morpher(s)) to the sky, calling the name of your dinosaur, and you will morph into a formidable fighting force known to one and all, as the Power Rangers".
  • It is the first season where a Ranger wanted to give up being a Ranger for no other reason than it interfered with his personal life; the second was S.P.D., where Jack Landors really did give up being a Ranger.
  • One episode featured the Dino Thunder Rangers watching a dubbed version of an Abaranger episode (Episode 10: "Abare Leaguer Blinded by Greed!") on TV. The episode had a great deal's worth of footage cut and replaced with the Dino Thunder rangers making comments, though. Most of the original dialogue had also been completely changed. All of the original terms for weapons and attacks, as well as the main characters names, had been changed. The Abarangers were also called "Dino Rangers" in this dub. Many Sentai fans have criticized Disney for this dub, stating that it was a mockery of the Sentai franchise and made it seem that Sentai was based off of Power Rangers (in truth, its the exact opposite) . On the other hand some Sentai fans actually compliment the episode, seeing it as an amusing nod toward PR's source material.
  • It is the first team to wear short gloves instead of long ones.
  • It is the first season where the team's mentor becomes a Ranger himself.
  • It is the second season to have a formerly-retired Ranger return full-time, as opposed to a mere guest appearance. The first was Zeo.
  • According to the episode "Back In Black", Conner is hydrophobic, that is due to the fact he cannot swim. This makes him the first and only Ranger with such a condition.
  • Katrina Devine who portrayed Marah in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm appears in Dino Thunder as Cassidy Cornell, making her the first Power Rangers actor to play two different characters full-time as both characters cross paths in a very short scene near the end of the crossover.
  • During Dino Thunder, the Dino Rangers team up with the Rangers of Power Rangers: Ninja Storm to battle the combined forces of Lothor and Mesogog. The three Wind Rangers are temporarily considered enemies, but turn to the side of good. This marks the first time that two Power Ranger teams have ever come to blows with each other (if you do not consider the Wind and Thunder Rangers as separate teams at the time), this would be repeated next season on Power Rangers SPD when the B-Squad Rangers battle the A-Squad Rangers. However, this is the only time two teams who were stars of their respective series to come to blows (A-Squad were not the stars of their own series.)
  • This was the second season to feature Rangers who became Rangers unintentionally or by accident and were not chosen by an individual(s), (excluding Leo from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Cole from Power Rangers Wild Force whose destiny it was to become the Red Rangers of their respective teams). Unlike seasons past, the Dino Gems sought out who they wanted to have their powers; an individual could not control whether or not they were chosen to become a ranger, hence why the teens (and Dr. Oliver) became Rangers, the Dino Gems bonded to their genes.
  • The first episodes, "Day of the Dino" make an obvious reference to the first MMPR episode "Day of the Dumpster".
  • This series hosted the biggest milestone episode: "Legacy of Power", being the 500th episode. It was a clip show featuring clips of every PR incarnation (excluding Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers). MMAR, Blue Senturion, Phantom Ranger and Magna Defender didn't appear, nor did Joel Rawlings and Cole Evans unmorphed. The beginning of the episode had the caption "Commemorating 500 Episodes. May the Power live on forever".
  • If you count Hunter from Ninja Storm as a Red Ranger, then this is the first series to feature a non-Red Ranger receiving the additional vehicle since Zhane in Power Rangers in Space.
  • Dino Thunder is extremely similar to Mighty Morphin in ways that the main carrier zord is a Brachiosaurus, the extra Ranger had a Dragon based zord and was evil at the start, the main dinozords are the same as the Red, Blue, and Pink Zords in Mighty Morphin, and finally, Tommy is in it (and happens to join the team after the original members do). Also It is notable the personality of the Rangers are the same, for instance, the Red Ranger is a jock, the Blue Ranger as a nerd and the main female having musical talents. Last is that Cassidy Cornell and Devin are play a very simmlar role to Bulk and Eugine Scullovich
  • This was the first season where the word 'Go' is not sung in the opening theme song. The second is Power Rangers RPM.
  • This is the third season to have a power up for all Rangers with Super Dino Mode. The first being Mighty Morphin with Metallic Armour and the second being Lost Galaxy with the Lights of Orion. This trend would continue in S.P.D. with S.W.A.T. Mode and Mystic Force with Legend Warrior Mode (though it can be argued the Jungle Fury's Jungle Master Mode counts).
  • Dino Thunder has the most crossovers with other Rangers, with four different ones. (If you include the Operation Overdrive episode "Once A Ranger" as one of the crossovers.)
  • Dino Thunder Rangers consists of Two Canadian's (Kevin Duhaney and Jeff Parazzo), Two Kiwi's (Emma Lahana and James Napier) and One North American (Jason David Frank).
  • In episode 02: Day of the Dino Part 2 at the end of the episode when the rangers are fighting the Tyrannodrones Conner McKnight uses the line "Have a nice trip, See you next fall" this line is used in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie by Kimberly Ann Hart.
  • To be noted that when Dr. Tommy Oliver arrives at Reefside High School he is wearing his last Ranger colour from Turbo which is Red.
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