The New Dino Supercharge RangersEdit

Color Role Actors Picture
Dino Charge Pink Trini Kwan Audri DuBois Mmpr-rg-trini
Dino Charge Talon Leo Corbett Danny Slavin Prlg-rg-leo
Dino Charge Graphite Trent Fernandez Jeffrey Parazzo Prdt-rg-trent
Dino Charge Purple Kira Ford Emma Lahana Prdt-rg-kira
Dino Charge Green Mike Corbett Russell Lawrence Prlg-rg-mike
Dino Charge Silver Carter Grayson Sean Cw Johnson Prlr-rg-carter
Dino Charge Blue Cameron Watanabe Jason Chan Prns-rg-cam
Dino Charge Gold Zack Taylor Walter Jones Mmpr-rg-zack
Dino Charge Red Sky Tate Chris Violette Prspd-rg-sky2
Dino Charge Aqua Katherine Hillard Catherine Sutherland Mmpr-rg-kat
Dino Charge Black Xander Bly Richard Brancatisano Prmf-rg-xander

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