Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 (1993-1996)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Ranger  Jason Lee Scott Mmpr-rg-jason
Yellow Ranger  Trini Kwan Mmpr-rg-trini
Blue Ranger  Billy Cranston Mmpr-rg-billy
Pink Ranger  Kimberly Ann Hart Mmpr-rg-kimberly
Black Ranger  Zack Taylor Mmpr-rg-zack
Green Ranger  Tommy Oliver Mmpr-rg-tommy1

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 (1993-1996)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Ranger I  Jason Lee Scott Mmpr-rg-jason
Red Ranger II Rocky DeSantos Mmpr-rg-rocky
Yellow Ranger I Trini Kwan Mmpr-rg-trini
Yellow Ranger II Aisha Campbell Mmpr-rg-aisha
Blue Ranger Billy Cranston Mmpr-rg-billy
Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart Mmpr-rg-kimberly
Black Ranger I Zack Taylor Mmpr-rg-zack
Black Ranger II Adam Park Mmpr-rg-adam
Green Ranger I Tommy Oliver Mmpr-rg-tommy1
Green Ranger II Tom Oliver Mmpr-rg-tom2
White Ranger Tommy Oliver Mmpr-rg-tommy2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 (1993-1996)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Ranger Rocky DeSantos Mmpr-rg-rocky
Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell Mmpr-rg-aisha
Blue Ranger Billy Cranston Mmpr-rg-billy
Pink Ranger I Kimberly Ann Hart Mmpr-rg-kimberly
Pink Ranger II Katherine Hillard Mmpr-rg-kat
Black Ranger Adam Park Mmpr-rg-adam
White Ranger Tommy Oliver Mmpr-rg-tommy2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 Ninja Rangers (1993-1996)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Ninja  Rocky DeSanton Mmpr-rg-rocky-red ninja ranger
Yellow Ninja  Aisha Campbell Mmpr-rg-aisha-yellow ninja ranger
Blue Ninja  Billy Cranston Mmpr-rg-billy-blue ninja ranger
Pink Ninja I Kimberly Ann Hart Mmpr-rg-kimberly-pink ninja ranger
Pink Ninja II Katherine Hillard Mmpr-rg-kat-pink ninja ranger
Black Ninja  Adam Park Mmpr-rg-adam-black ninja ranger
White Ninja  Tommy Oliver Mmpr-rg-tommy-white ninja ranger

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Season 3.5 (1996)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Alien Ranger Aurico Mmpr-rg-aurico
Yellow Alien Ranger Tideus Mmpr-rg-tideus
Blue Alien Ranger Cestro Mmpr-rg-cestro
Black Alien Ranger Corcus Mmpr-rg-corcus
White Alien Ranger Delphine Mmpr-rg-delphine
Ninjor Ninjor Mmpr-rg-ninjor

Power Rangers Zeo Season 4 (1996-1997)Edit

Color Name Picture
Pink Zeo Ranger Katherine Hillard Prz-rg-kat
Yellow Zeo Ranger Tanya Sloan Prz-rg-tanya
Blue Zeo Ranger Rocky DeSanton Prz-rg-rocky
Green Zeo Ranger Adam Park Prz-rg-adam
Red Zeo Ranger Tommy Oliver Prz-rg-tommy
Gold Ranger I Trey of Triforia Prz-rg-trey3
Gold Ranger II Jason Lee Scott Prz-rg-jason

Power Rangers Turbo Season 5 (1997-1998)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Turbo Ranger I Tommy Oliver Prt-rg-tommy
Red Turbo Ranger II T.J. Jonhson Prt-rg-tj
Blue Turbo Ranger Justin Stewart Prt-rg-justin
Green Turbo Ranger I Adam Park Prt-rg-adam
Green Turbo Ranger II Carlos Vallerte Prt-rg-carlos
Yellow Turbo Ranger I Tanya Sloan Prt-rg-tanya
Yellow Turbo Ranger II Ashley Hammond Prt-rg-ashley
Pink Turbo Ranger I Katherine Hillard Prt-rg-kat
Pink Turbo Ranger II Cassie Chan Prt-rg-cassie
Phantom Ranger Phantom Ranger Prt-rg-phantom2
Blue Senturion Blue Senturion Prt-rg-blue senturion3

Power Rangers In Space Season 6 (1998-1999)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Space Ranger Andros Pris-rg-andros
Black Space Ranger Carlos Vallerte Pris-rg-carlos
Blue Space Ranger T.J. Jonhson Pris-rg-tj
Yellow Space Ranger Ashley Hammond Pris-rg-ashley
Pink Space Ranger Cassie Chan Pris-rg-cassie
Silver Ranger Zhane Pris-rg-zhane

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Season 7 (1999-2000)Edit

Color Name Picture
Galaxy Red Leo Corbett Prlg-rg-leo
Galaxy Green Damon Henderson Prlg-rg-damon
Galaxy Blue Kai Chen Prlg-rg-kai
Galaxy Yellow Maya Prlg-rg-maya
Galaxy Pink I Kendrix Morgen Prlg-rg-kendrix
Galaxy Pink II Karone Prlg-rg-karone
Magna Defender I Magna Defender Prlg-rg-magna defender3
Magna Defender II Mike Corbett Prlg-rg-mike

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Season 8 (2000-2001)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Lightspeed Ranger Carter Grayson Prlr-rg-carter
Blue Lightspeed Ranger Chad Lee Prlr-rg-chad
Green Lightspeed Ranger Joel Rawlings Prlr-rg-joel
Yellow Lightspeed Ranger Kelsey Winslow Prlr-rg-kelsey
Pink Lightspeed Ranger Dana Mitchell Prlr-rg-dana
Titanium Ranger Ryan Mitchell Prlr-rg-ryan

Power Rangers Time Force Season 9 (2001-2002)Edit

Color Name Picture
Time Force Red Wesley Collins Prtf-rg-wes
Time Force Yellow Katie Walker Prtf-rg-katie
Time Force Blue Lucas Kendall Prtf-rg-lucas
Time Force Green Trip Regis Prtf-rg-trip
Time Force Pink Jen Scotts Prtf-rg-jen
Quantum Ranger Eric Myers Prtf-rg-eric

Power Rangers Wild Force Season 10 (2002-2003)Edit

Color Name Picture
 Red Wild Force Ranger Cole Evans Prwf-rg-cole
 Yellow Wild Force Ranger Taylor Eahardt Prwf-rg-taylor
Blue Wild Force Ranger Max Cooper Prwf-rg-max
Black Wild Force Ranger Danny Delgado Prwf-rg-danny
White Wild Force Ranger Alyssa Enrilé Prwf-rg-alyssa
Lunar Wolf Ranger Merrick Balition Prwf-rg-merrick

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Season 11 (2003-2004)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Wind Ranger Shane Clarke Prns-rg-shane
Yellow Wind Ranger Dustin Brooks Prns-rg-dustin
Blue Wind Ranger Tori Hanson Prns-rg-tori
Crimson Thunder Ranger Hunter Bradley Prns-rg-hunter
Navy Thunder Ranger Blake Bradley Prns-rg-blake
Green Samurai Ranger Cameron Watanabe Prns-rg-cam

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Season 12 (2004-2005)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Dino Ranger Conner McKnight Prdt-rg-conner
Blue Dino Ranger Ethan James Prdt-rg-ethan
Yellow Dino Ranger Kira Ford Prdt-rg-kira
Black Dino Ranger Dr. Tommy Oliver Prdt-rg-tommy
White Dino Ranger Trent Fermandez Prdt-rg-trent

Power Rangers SPD Season 13 (2005-2006)Edit

Color Name Picture
SPD Red Ranger Jack Landors Prspd-rg-jack
SPD Blue Ranger Sky Tate Prspd-rg-sky
SPD Green Ranger Bridge Carson Prspd-rg-bridge
SPD Yellow Ranger "Z" Delgado Prspd-rg-z
SPD Pink Ranger Sydney Drew Prspd-rg-syd
SPD Shadow Ranger Anubis "Doggie" Cruger Prspd-rg-doggie
SPD Omega Ranger Sam  Prspd-rg-sam
SPD Kat Ranger Kat Manx Prspd-rg-kat
SPD Nova Ranger Nova Prspd-rg-nova

Power Rangers Mystic Force Season 14 (2006-2007)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Mystic Ranger Nick Russell Prmf-rg-nick
Yellow Mystic Ranger Chip Thorn Prmf-rg-chip
Blue Mystic Ranger Madison Rocca Prmf-rg-madison
Pink Mystic Ranger Vida Rocca Prmf-rg-vida
Green Mystic Ranger Xander Bly Prmf-rg-xander
White Mystic Ranger Udonna Prmf-rg-udonna
Solaris Knight Daggeron Prmf-rg-daggeron
Wolf Warrior Leanbow Prmf-rg-leanbow
Knight Wolf Koragg Prmf-rg-koragg

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Season 15 (2007-2008)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Overdrive Ranger Mack Hartford Proo-rg-mack
Black Overdrive Ranger Will Aston Proo-rg-will
Blue Overdrive Ranger Dax Lo Proo-rg-dax
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Ronny Robinson Proo-rg-ronny
Pink Overdrive Ranger Rose Ortize Proo-rg-rose
Mercury Ranger Tyzonn Proo-rg-tyzonn

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Season 16 (2008-2009)Edit

Color Name Picture
Jungle Fury Red Ranger Casey Rhodes Prjf-rg-casey
Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Liy Chilman Prjf-rg-lily
Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Theo Martin Prjf-rg-theo
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger R.J. Robert James Prjf-rg-rj
Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger Dominck Hargan Prjf-rg-dominick

Power Rangers RPM Season 17 (2009)Edit

Color Name Picture
Ranger Red  Scott Truman Prrpm-rg-scott
Ranger Blue Flynn McAllistair  Prrpm-rg-flynn
Ranger Yellow Summers Lansdsdow Prrpm-rg-summer
Ranger Green Zigy Grover Prrpm-rg-ziggy
Ranger Black Dillon Prrpm-rg-dillon
Ranger Gold Gem Prrpm-rg-gem
Ranger Silver Gemma Prrpm-rg-gemma

Power Rangers Samurai Season 18 (2011-2012)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Samurai Ranger Jayden Shiba Prs-rg-jayden
Blue Samurai Ranger Kevin 3 prs-rg-kevin
Pink Samurai Ranger Mia Watanabe Prs-rg-mia
Green Samurai Ranger Mike Prs-rg-mike
Yellow Samurai Ranger Emily 2 prs-rg-emily
Gold Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia Prs-rg-antonio

Power Rangers Super Samurai 19 (2012)Edit

Color Name Picture
Red Samurai Ranger I Jayden Shiba Prs-rg-jayden

Red Samurai Ranger II

Lauren Shiba 1 se 2 prs-rg-lauren
Blue Samurai Ranger Kevin 3 prs-rg-kevin
Pink Samurai Ranger Mia Watanabe Prs-rg-mia
Green Samurai Ranger Mike Prs-rg-mike
Yellow Samurai Ranger Emily 2 prs-rg-emily
Gold Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia Prs-rg-antonio

Power Rangers Megaforce Season 20 (2013)Edit

Color Name Picture
Megaforce Red Troy  Burrows Prm-rg-troy2
Megaforce Pink Emma Goodall Prm-rg-emma
Megaforce Black Jake Holling Prm-rg-jake
Megaforce Yellow Gia Moran Prm-rg-gia
Megaforce Blue Noah Carver Prm-rg-noah
Robo Knight Robo Knight Prm-rg-roboknight

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Season 21 (2014)Edit

Color Name Picture
 Super Megaforce Red Troy  Burrows  Prsm-rg-troy2
Super Megaforce Blue Noah Carver  Prsm-rg-noah2
Super Megaforce Yellow Gia Moran  Prsm-rg-gia2
Super Megaforce Green Jake Holling  Prsm-rg-jake2
Super Megaforce Pink Emma Goodall  Prsm-rg-emma2
Super Megaforce Silver Orion Prsm-rg-orion3

Power Rangers Dino Charge Season 22 (2015)Edit

Color Name Picture
Dino Charge Red Tyler Navarro Prdc-rg-tyler2
Dino Charge Black Chase Randall Prdc-rg-chase2
Dino Charge Blue Koda Prdc-rg-koda2
Dino Charge Green Riley Griffin Prdc-rg-riley2
Dino Charge Pink Shelby Watkins Prdc-rg-shelby2
Dino Charge Gold Sir Ivan Of Zandar Prdc-rg-ivan2
Dino Charge Graphite Prince Phillip III Prdc-rg-phillip
Dino Charge Purple Albert Smith Prdc-rg-albert
Dino Charge Purple Kendall Morgan Prdc-rg-kendall

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