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Power Borgs is a crossover series with Power Rangers and Beetleborgs. In this series the Beetleborgs are the villains and the Power Rangers are the heroes.


Color Name Picture
Red Dragon Thunder Ranger Jason Lee Scott Mmpr-rg-jason3
Blue Wind Ranger Tori Hanson Prns-rg-tori
White Mystic Ranger Clare Langtree Prmf-rg-clare
Yellow Turbo Ranger Ashley Hammond Prt-rg-ashley
Green Samurai Ranger Mike 5 rs-rg-mike
Jungle Fury Purple Wolf Ranger Robert James Finn Prjf-rg-rj


  • Lord Zedd


Color Name Picture
Red Striker Borg Rita Repulsa Red Stiker Borg Form
Blue Stinger Borg Baboo Blue Stinger Borg Form
Green Hunger Borg Gerrock Prwf-vi-gerrock
White  Blasters Borg Finster White Blaster Borg Form
Shadowborg General Venjix Bb-vi-shadowborg


  • Red Dragon Thunderzord (Red Ranger)
  • Dolphin Wind Ninja Zord (Blue Ranger)
  • White Shogunzord (White Ranger)
  • Dune Star Turbo Zord (Yellow Ranger)
  • Green Bear Folding Zord (Green Ranger)
  • Wolf Spirit Zord (Purple Ranger)

Auxiliary zordsEdit

  • Lion Thunder Zord (Green Ranger)
  • White Firebird Thunder Zord (White Ranger)
  • Griffin Thunder Zord (Yellow Ranger)
  • Unicorn Thunder Zord (Blue Ranger)
  • Purple Tigerzord (Purple Ranger)


  • Mega Tigerzord

Carrier zordEdit

  • Tor the Shuttle Zord


  • This is the only Power Rangers series that doesn't have the word "Ranger" in its title.
  • Gerrock and General Venjix appeared in the Forever Red episode of Power Rangers Wild Force.