Pink Rangers 1993-2009Edit

Color Name Picture
Pink  Kimberly Ann Hart Mmpr-rg-kimberly
Pink Ninja Ranger Kimberly  Ann Hart Mmpr-rg-kimberly-pink ninja ranger
Pink II Katherine Hillard Mmpr-rg-kat
Pink Ninja Ranger II Katherine Hillard Mmpr-rg-kat-pink ninja ranger
Pink Zeo Katherine Hillard Prz-rg-kat
Pink Turbo Katherine Hillard Prt-rg-kat
Pink Turbo II Cassie Chan Prt-rg-cassie
Pink Space Cassie Chan Pris-rg-cassie
Pink Galaxy  Kendrix Morgan Prlg-rg-kendrix
Pink Galaxy II Karone Prlg-rg-karone
Pink Lightspeed Dana Mitchell Prlr-rg-dana
Pink Time Force  Jen Scotts Prtf-rg-jen
Pink SPD Sydney Drew Prspd-rg-syd
Pink Msytic Vida Rocca Prmf-rg-vida
Pink Operation  Rose Ortiz Proo-rg-rose

Pink Rangers 2011-2015Edit

Color Name Picture
Pink Samurai Mia Watanabe 4 prs-rg-mia
Pink Megaforce Emma Goodall Prm-rg-emma
Pin Super Megaforce Emma Goodall Prsm-rg-emma2
Dino Charge Pink Shelby Watkins Prdc-rg-shelby

Evil Pink RangersEdit

Color Name Picture
Pink Psycho Pink Psycho Pris-rg pink psycho
Pink A-Squad Rachel Prspd-rg-rachel-asquad

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