Phil is The Museum Director of Robloxias Aquarium he is 43 years old 2nd mentor of the rangers after Jessie retired and gives the gray gem to Zorn He Becomes The New Sea Charge Grey Ranger Phil is a 43 year old boss who is sometimes grumpy and so bothered about his workers he is also the person who made the sea chargers and also does science he made gems into chargers he holds a briefcase and drinks coffee after slodger toke the grey gem he Brendan , Zeke, Kole, Gwen Susan , Genie and Sir King Ivan Governor he and his h- tracer went to find the gem when Zorn was fighting slodger he was captured then it was Phil,s to save him he dressed in a hazmat suit brenchmune caught phill then he was holding the grey em that he found what slodger took then it bonded with him making him the New Sea Charge Grey Ranger then he fought off the zurbulls then rescued Zorn then he and Susan formed the Manta Ray Megazord with the others the 8 of them use the galactic blast on Greenzo then phill placed his gem on the command he was the 8th member of the team

Roll Call

Manta Ray Power Ranger Grey!


He Wears Thick Rammed Glasses Cream Jacket, Navy Pants Heeeey Face with Under Cover Body with a bro torso


He is The First Ranger to Be in His 40s

He is Similar to Haley in Dino Thunder

He is The Second Grey Ranger after Jessie Smith


He is Played By


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