Color Name Played by Gender Picture Ninjazords and Shogunzords Power Weapons
1 Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank (Male) Mmpr-rg-tommy2 White Falconzord and White Shogunzord Saba
2 Adam Park  Johnny Yong Bosch (Male) Mmpr-rg-adam Frog Ninjazord and Black Shogunzord Power Axe
3 Kimberly Ann Hart > Katherine Hillard Amy Jo Johnson > Catherine Sutherland (Female) Mmpr-rg-kimberly > Mmpr-rg-kat Crane Ninjazord and White Shogunzord Power Bow
4 Billy Cranston David Yost (Male) Mmpr-rg-billy Wolf Ninjazord and Blue Shogunzord Power Lance
5 Aisha Campbell Karan Ashley (Female) Mmpr-rg-aisha Bear Ninjazord and Yellow Shogunzord Power Daggers
6 Rocky DeSantos  Steven Cardenas (Male) Mmpr-rg-rocky Ape Ninjazord and Red Shogunzord Power Sword

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