Color Name Played by Gender Picture Dinozords Power Weapons
1 Eric Myers Daniel Southworth (Male) Prtf-rg-eric Dragozord Dragon Dagger
2 Bowen Firass Dirani (Male) Prmf-rg-bowen Mastodon Dinozord Power Axe
3 Tori Hanson Sally Martin (Female) Prns-rg-tori Pterodactyl Dinozord Power Bow
4 Jack Landors Brandon Jay McLaren (Male) Prspd-rg-jack Triceratops Dinozord Power Lance
5 Nova Antonia Prebble (Female) Prspd-rg-nova Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord Power Daggers
6 Mike Corbett Russell Lawrence (Male) Prlg-rg-mike Tyrannosaurus Dinozord Power Sword

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