Color Name Played by Gender Picture Ninjazords Shogunzords Power Weapons
1 Eric Myers Daniel Southworth (Male) Prtf-rg-eric White NinjaFalconzord White Shogunzord Saba
2 Nick Russel Firass Dirani (Male) Prmf-rg-nick Black Frog Ninjazord Black Shogunzord Power Axe
3 Tori Hanson Sally Martin (Female) Prns-rg-tori Pink Wolf Ninjazord White Shogunzord Power Bow
4 Sky Tate Chris Violette (Male) Prspd-rg-sky Blue Crane Ninjazord Blue Shogunzord Power Lance
5 Conner McKnight James Napier (Male) Prdt-rg-conner Yellow Ape Ninjazord Yellow Shogunzord Power Daggers
6 Kimberly Ann Hart > Katherine Hillard Ay Jo Johnson > Catherine Sutherland (Female) Mmpr-rg-kimberly>Mmpr-rg-kat Red Bear Ninjazord Red Shougunzord Power Sword

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