Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Created by

Haim Saban
Shotaro Ishinimori (Super Sentai characters)

Developed by

Shuki Levy


Rajia Baroudi
David Bacon
Karim Prince
Alan Palmer
Jim Gray
Michael R. Gotto
Julia Jordan
Michael J. O'Laskey II
Sicily Sewell
Matthew Sakimoto
Justin Timsit
David Yost
Bob Manahan
Cody Slaton
Ross J. Samya

First aired

February 5, 1996

Last aired

February 17, 1996







Preceded by

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-95)

Followed by

Power Rangers Zeo (1996)


Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers LogoMighty Morphin Alien Rangers 

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger


Morphin! Call: "It's Morphin' Time!"


Roll Calls: Rangers of Aquitar, full power! Power of Water, Power of Light, Powers unite!"

Alien RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
White Alien Ranger Delphine Rajia Baroudi Mmpr-rg-delphine "White Aquitar Ranger Power!"
Black Alien Ranger Corcus Alan Palmer Mmpr-rg-corcus "Black Aquitar Ranger Power!"
Blue Alien Ranger Cestro Karim Prince Mmpr-rg-cestro "Blue Aquitar Ranger Power!"
Yellow Alien Ranger Tideus Jim Gray Mmpr-rg-tideus "Yellow Aquitar Ranger Power!"
Red Alien Ranger Aurico David Bacon Mmpr-rg-aurico "Red Aquitar Ranger Power!"

Might Morphin Alien RangersEdit

Rangers Season Mighty Morphin Alien Ranger FormEdit

Red Aquitian Ranger Form Yellow Aquitian Ranger Form Blue Aquitian Ranger Form
White Aquitian Ranger Form Black Aquitian Ranger Form

Rangers Season Mighty Morphin Alien 3.5Edit

Mmpr-rg-aurico Mmpr-rg-delphine Mmpr-rg-cestro
Mmpr-rg-corcus Mmpr-rg-tideus Mmpr-rg-alienrangers2

Battle BorgsEdit

  • White Battle Borg
  • Black Battle Borg
  • Blue Battle Borg
  • Yellow Battle Borg
  • Red Battle Borg

Might Morphin Alien Rangers Names PhotosEdit


  • Michael R. Gotto as Tommy Oliver
  • Nakia Burrise as Tanya Sloan
  • Tommy Oliver
  • Rocky Desantos
  • Billy Cranston
  • Adam Park
  • Kat Hillard
  • Zordon
  • Alpha 5
  • Bulk and Skull


  • Master Vile
  • Rita Repulsa
  • Lord Zedd
  • Goldar
  • Rito Revolto
  • Squatt
  • Baboo
  • Finster
  • Hydro Hog


  • Aquitian Blaster
  • Aquitian Sword


  • Battle Borg Coins
  • Power Coins


  • Shogun MegaFalconzord
  • Shogun Megazord


  • Falconzord
  • Red Shogunzord
  • Yellow Shogunzord
  • Blue Shogunzord
  • Black Shogunzord
  • White Shogunzord
  • Red Battle Borg
  • Yellow Battle Borg
  • Blue Battle Borg
  • Black Battle Borg
  • White Battle Borg


  1. Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 1
  2. Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2
    • Master Vile returns home.
  3. Climb Every Fountain
  4. The Alien Trap
  5. Attack Of The 60' Bulk
    • Zordon reveals the Zeo Quest.
  6. Water You Thinking?
    • The Zeo Quest starts. Rocky searches for his crystal.
  7. Along Came A Spider
    • Adam searches for his crystal.
  8. Sowing The Seas Of Evil
    • Tommy and Kat search for their crystals.
  9. Hogday Afternoon, Part I
    • Aisha searches for her crystal. Karone is introduced.
  10. Hogday Afternoon, Part II
    • Aisha decides to stay in KO-35. Karone goes to Angel Grove with the Crystal. The Earth is restored, and the Rangers are teenagers again. However, The Command Center is destroyed.


  • Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers has the distinction of featuring both the first female White Ranger (this would be repeated in Power Rangers Wild Force) and first female leader of a Power Rangers team, this would be repeated in Power Rangers Time Force.
  • Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers also has the distiction of featuring the first Blue Ranger played by an African-American actor, Cestro (this would be repeated in Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and Power Rangers Samurai.
  • It is the first series to feature a male Yellow Ranger, this would also be repeated in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Power Rangers S.P.D. (A-Squad), Power Rangers Mystic Force and Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
  • Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers is considered by some to be a full-fledged season unto itself, since the opening credits were modified to fit the Alien Rangers theme. However, it is largely viewed as an extension of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3. The production codes support this argument.
  • It was one of four series to have the rangers fight without entering their zords, using telepathy to control their Battle Borgs instead. The other three series were Power Rangers In Space with the Delta Megazord; the Stratoforce, Centaurus, and Zenith megazords in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy; and the Time Shadow megazord in Power Rangers Time Force.
  • It was the only series where the rangers started the series with five megazords, respectively, assuming that their zords were not able to combine or do not have the ability to.
  • It was the first series to actually reveal that Earth was not the only planet that had Power Rangers.
  • This was the first time where there was only one female ranger in the team. This would be repeated in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
  • First series not to feature a "Pink Ranger" this would be repeated in "Wild Force", "Ninja Storm", "Dino Thunder", "Jungle Fury" and "RPM".
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