Masked Rider (1995-1996

After "A Friend in Need", the Masked Rider got his own show. However, it was not a direct spin-off as there was no mention of the Power Rangers as Saban decided to reformat it into a stand-alone/together TV series. After 27 episodes, the show was officially canceled by Fox due to low ratings and the remaining 13 episodes aired on syndication. Had the series been renewed, the main character would have teamed up with the Rangers in a future episode. Another adaptation of Kamen Rider did not happen until Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight aired in 2009 on Fox Kids.


Masked Rider Logo


Transform Call: "Ectophase Activate!"

Transform Call: "Masked Rider Super Gold!"

Transform Call: "Masked Rider Super Blue!"

Masked RidersEdit

Color Name Played by Picture Roll Call
Masked Rider Dex Stewart T.J. Roberts Mr-hr-dex "Masked Rider!"
Masked Rider Super Gold Dex Stewart T.J. Roberts Mr-hr-dex-supergold "Masked Rider Super Gold!"
Masked Rider Super Blue Dex Stewart T.J. Roberts Mr-hr-dex-superblue "Masked Rider Super blue!"

Masked Riders FormsEdit

Masked Rider FormEdit

Masked Rider Form Masked Rider Super Gold Form Masked Rider Super Blue Form

Masker RiderEdit

Mr-hr-dex Mr-hr-dex-supergold Mr-hr-dex-superblue

Masked Riders Names PhotosEdit


  • Ferbus
  • Hal Stewart
  • Barbara Stewart
  • Molly Stewart
  • Albee Stewart
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Teamed up with them in their episode "A Friend in Need".


  • Court Dragon
  • Neferia
  • Cycloper
  • Douboleforce
  • Gork
  • Fact 
  • Plague Sentry
  • Maggots


  1. Escape from Edenoi |Escape from Edenoi: Part 1
  2. Escape from Edenoi |Escape from Edenoi: Part 2
  3. License to Thrill
  4. Pet Nappers
  5. Bugs on the Loose
  6. Arcade Ace
  7. Super Gold (two-parter) |Super Gold: Part 1
  8. Super Gold (two-parter) |Super Gold: Part 2
  9. The Grandma Factor
  10. Something's Trashy
  11. Water Water Everywhere
  12. Ferbus' First Christmas
  13. Stranger from the North
  14. Dance Crazy
  15. The Green-Eyed Monster
  16. The Heat Is On
  17. Know your Neighbour
  18. The Dash
  19. Battle of the Bands'
  20. Ferbus Maximus
  21. Unmasked Rider
  22. Ferbus' Day Out
  23. Jobless
  24. Back to Nature
  25. Testing 1, 2, 3
  26. Showdown at Leawood High
  27. Power Out
  28. Saturday Morning Invasion
  29. Passenger Ferbus
  30. Mixed Doubles
  31. Million Dollar Ferbus
  32. Ectophase Albee'
  33. Race Against Time
  34. Cat-Atomic
  35. Indigestion
  36. Dex at Bat
  37. The Invasion of Leawood
  38. The Eye of Edenoi
  39. Exit Nefaria, Enter Barbaria
  40. Detention

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