Ancient Samurai Rangers (PRS, 1600s)Edit

  • Leader: Ancient Red Warrior

Shogun Rangers (PRSS, 1700s)Edit

  • Leader: The Great Shogun

Wild West Rangers (MMPR, 1880)Edit

  • Leader: The White Stranger
  • Second-in-command: Abraham Park

Power Rangers (MMPR S1-2, 1993-94)Edit

  • Leader: Jason Lee Scott
  • Second-in-command: Zack Taylor

Power Rangers (MMPR S2, 1994-95)Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Jason Lee Scott (until departure), Rocky DeSantos

Power Rangers (MMPR S3, 1995)Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Rocky DeSantos

Aquitian Rangers (MMAR, 1996)Edit

  • Leader(s): Delphine (team leader), Aurico (field leader)
  • Second-in-command: Cestro

Zeo Rangers (PRZ, 1996)Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Rocky DeSantos

Turbo Rangers (PRT, 1997)Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Adam Park

Turbo Rangers (PRT, 1997)Edit

  • Leader: T.J. Johnson
  • Second-in-command: Carlos Vallertes

Space Rangers (PRiS, 1998)Edit

  • Leader: Andros
  • Second-in-command: T.J. Johnson

Galaxy Rangers (PRLG, 1999)Edit

  • Leader: Leo Corbett
  • Second-in-command: Kai Chen

Lightspeed Rangers (PRLR, 2000)Edit

  • Leader: Carter Grayson
  • Second-in-command: Chad Lee

Time Force Rangers (PRTF, 2001)Edit

  • Leader: Jen Scotts
  • Second-in-command: Wesley Collins

Wild Force Rangers (PRWF, 2002)Edit

  • Leader: Cole Evans
  • Second-in-command: Taylor Earhardt

Ninja Storm Rangers (PRNS, 2003)Edit

  • Leader: Shane Clarke
  • Second-in-command: Hunter Bradley

Dino Rangers (PRDT, 2004-05)Edit

  • Leader: Conner McKnight
  • Second-in-command: Tommy Oliver

Mystic Rangers (PRMF, 2006)Edit

  • Leader: Nick Russell
  • Second-in-command: Xander Bly

Overdrive Rangers (PROO, 2007)Edit

  • Leader: Mack Hartford
  • Second-in-command: Will Aston

Jungle Fury Rangers (PRJF, 2008)Edit

  • Leader: Casey Rhodes
  • Second-in-command: Robert James

Ranger Operators (PRRPM, 2009-10)Edit

  • Leader: Scott Truman
  • Second-in-command: Summer Landsdown

Samurai Rangers (PRS, 2011)Edit

  • Leader: Jayden Shiba
  • Second-in-command: Kevin

Super Samurai Rangers (PRSS, 2012)Edit

  • Leader: Jayden Shiba
  • Second-in-command: Kevin

Megaforce Rangers (PRM, 2013)Edit

  • Leader: Troy Burrows
  • Second-in-command: Noah Carver

SPD Rangers (PRSPD, 2025)Edit

  • Leader: Jack Landors
  • Second-in-command: Sky Tate

Time Force Rangers (PRTF, 3000)Edit

  • Leader: Alex
  • Second-in-command: Jen Scotts

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