Masked Riders Warriors Edit

In 1906 ago ... the villain named Shocker is a terrorist who steals the bombs, the missiles, money and also drugs or viruses, and for the trapped scientists and people.

The Shocker has masked black was soldier and the masked white is a sciences or medical

Then there will be a hero named Masked Rider not being a human and but Masked Rider is the cyborg was 2 years old in brainwashing are some cyborgs with the Shockers.

Masked Rider Warrior Leader season 1 (1)Edit

On May 23, the laboratory called Police Metapolis Japan meet one of the scientists, a Japanese teacher call Hiro Strunk is a former scientist Shocker who helped agent of P.M: A. Kevin Lorei was a hero call Warrior Leader. And Motor Invevitor is Mechanic James Ken'ch does have a job with the motorcycle, and also for Head of P.M.A. Is the name Commander Lorei, is the father of Kevin Lorei.

Masked Riders 

  • Masked Rider Warrior Leader / Kevin Lorei


  • Professor Hiro Strunk
  • Mechanic James Ken'ch
  • Commander Lorei


  • White Warrior Leader Belt
  • Neo Motorcycle 1
    • Neo Motorcycle 1
  • Power Motocycle

Rider forms

  • Ancient Form
  • Shin Form 1
    • New Form 1
  • Power Up


  • Warrior Leader Rider Kick
  • Rider Volt Kick
  • Flash of Lightning Kick
  • Drop Fire Kick
  • Rider Hurricane Reversal
  • Tailspin Wave Attack
  • Rider Double Drill
  • Light Rider Punch
  • Power Up Rider KIck
  • Power Up Rider Punch

Masked Rider Warrior ​General Season 2 (2) Edit

The sequel season of the Kamen Rider Warrior Leader.

  The commander thought Lorei have one of the two children called Nate Lorei is recruited the second P.M agent: A survivor and he'm the Shocker agent.

  After laboratory, Professor Strunk had to have surgery Nate Lorei and the transformation of Kamen Rider Warrior General and mechanical Ken'ch also work with the second bike.

Commander Lorei says "Nate, your brother is a Masked Rider called Warrior Leader!"

Masked Riders 

  • Masked Rider Warrior General / Nate Lorei


  • Professor Hiro Strunk
  • Mechanic James Ken'ch
  • Commander Lorei
  • Masked Rider Warrior Leader / Kevin Lorei


  • Silver Warrior General Belt
  • Neo Motorcycle 2
    • New Motorcycle 2

Rider forms

  • Ancient Form
  • Shin Form 2
    • New Form 2


  • Warrior General Rider Kick
  • Rider Lightning Kick
  • Rider Hurricane Fist
  • Rider Throw Storm
  • Rider Double Kick
  • Warrior General Rider Punch

Masked Rider Warrior Commander (3) Edit

In time years know a battle of the two brothers (Lorei) and his father helped missions with the Shocker. The Masked Riders have formed the fight with their Shocker agents and they will look for the new recruiter named Claus Klusckeshi.

Masked Riders

  • Masked Rider Warrior Commander / Claus Kluckeshi


  • Commander Lorei
  • Legendary Masked Riders
    • Masked Rider Warrior Leader / Kevin Lorei
    • Masked Rider Warrior General / Nate Lorei


  • Dragodriver
  • Hurricadragonfly


  • Super Antenna
  • C. Hopper
  • Centrifugal Kick
  • Special Muscle
  • Screw Kick
  • Drill Attack
  • Red Lamp Power
  • Energy Converter
  • O Singal
  • Celluar Strength Device
  • Red Bone Power
  • Scramble Hopper
  • Return Kick
  • Barrier
  • Reverse Double Typhoon
  • Oxygen Cylinders
  • Electro Eye
  • Matrix Eye
  • Gliding Muffler
  • Propeller Chop
  • Thunder
  • Freezer Shot
  • Red Bone Ring
  • Flame Pillar Kick

Masked Rider Super-V (4) Edit

The sequel season of the Kamen Warrior Commander.

After surgery of other scientists and the teacher who substitituiram his arm, Ireki could turn into Super-V. In the after years, the teacher Hiro speaks has our thing from one of the legendary Masked Riders.

Warrior Commander and Super-V are allies.

Masked Riders 

  • Masked Rider Super-V / Ireki Junk


  • Professor Hiro Strunk
  • Legendary Masked Riders
    • Masked Rider Warrior Leader / Kevin Lorei
    • Masked Rider Warrior General / Nate Lore
    • Masked Rider Warrior Commander / Claus Kluckeshi


  • Dragohelmet
  • Piratemotorike
  • Pirate Arm
    • Swing arm
    • Net arm
    • Sickle arm
  • Power arm
  • Drill arm
  • Machine Gun arm
  • Spray arm
  • Octopus arm


  • Pirate Rider Kick
  • Pirate Rider Punch
  • Pirate Whip Attack

Masked Rider V3 (5) Edit

Fifty years ago, the professor fled is a terrorist named God and stole his box from the small machine, and phoned had a friend called Kim Zheco. The Teacher gave and kept in the big box with his old room, and the golden key of the Room did not enter his people.

It is the teacher had a son named Michael Keni .... Because it is the two years, the teacher married to Michael's mother .... Then will have she passed away was two years. Michael became young and he had a karate coach.

But the terrorist sought and arranged the mysterious box of the machine in Professor Keni's room, and the professor became a submarine underwater from a laboratory. It is Michael runs over and then will the father built a body with his son, is the cyborg render to the Masked Rider V3.

Masked Riders 

  • Masked Rider V3 / Michael Keni


  • Teacher Keni
  • Legendary Masked Riders
    • Masked Rider Warrior Leader / Kevin Lorei
    • Masked Rider Warrior General / Nate Lorei
    • Masked Rider Warrior Commander / Claus Kluckeshi
    • Masked Rider Super-V / Irek Junk


  • V3 Belt
  • V3 Staff
    • V3 Rope
    • Longpole
    • V3 Whip


  • X Punch
  • X Chop
  • X-Slash
  • X Kick
  • X Two-step Kick
  • Revolving Kick 
  • X Finishing Kick 
  • Ridol Crown Split
  • Rider Hammer Shoot  
  • Ridol Windmill 
  • Ridol Windmill Flame Reversal 
  • Ridol Barrier 
  • Rider Shock 
  • Electroshock (Electric Power)
  • Vacuum Hell Wheel 
  • Rider Kick
  • Mid-air Hell Wheel
  • Rider Synchro
  • X-Rider Super Five Kick 

Masked Rider Riderman (4) Edit

In 1987, the mother of Luis Claus was deceased and still be a bomb accident with the plane crashed to have baby crib and the man is older was the Inca chief / magician.

He has grown up with the wild one for 6 years.

The Inca chief works with the human body of Luis Claus and inside a bracelet ... and the boss also died 60 years ago.

Masked Riders 

  • Masked Rider Riderman / Luís Claus


  • The Elder

Arsenal Edit

  • Ridebrace
  • MonsteMotorbike


  • Dai Setsudan 
  • Super Dai Setsudan 
  • Jaguar Shock 
  • Monkey Attack
  • Amazon Kick 
  • Spin Kick 
  • Rider Kick
  • Rider Synchro
  • Rider Bite

 Masked Rider X (5) Edit

Masked Riders 

  • Masked Rider X / Samuel Hue

Arsenal Edit

  • Ridebrace
  • Monsterbike


Masked Rider Amazon (6) Edit

Masked Rider Strongman (7) Edit

Masked Rider ZX (8) Edit

Masked Edit

Masked Rider Jumbo (9) Edit

Masked Rider (9) Edit

Saban's Masked Rider (10) Edit

Masked Rider Mystica (11) Edit

Masked Rider Mystica (season 2) (12) Edit

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (season 1/2) (13) Edit

Kamen Rider Phi (14) Edit

Kamen Rider Spade Warrior (15) Edit

Kamen Rider Echo Demon (16) Edit

Kamen Rider Beetleborg (17) Edit

Kamen Rider Electric King (18) Edit

Kamen Rider Vampire King (19) Edit

Kamen Rider DCD (20) Edit

Power Rider (21) Edit

Power Rider W (22) Edit

Astro Rider (23) Edit

Wizard Rider (24) Edit

Armor Rider (25) Edit

Auto Rider (26) Edit

Phantom Rider (27) Edit

Battle Rider (28 Edit

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