Jessie Smith is The First Sea Charge Gray Ranger she is a big foot adventurer big foot hunter she owns a big foot she is also a business woman she found the gray sea gem when she was going on a wild adventure it gave her the spirit of the Manta Ray Jessie eventually meets the Rangers in his corner of the woods at his tour site, and then later, to their surprise encounters them as the Gray Ranger. Jessie shies away from the battle before revealing his identity once the battle was over then she did training with the rangers then she once again cowered away but when she ran off with Brandon she faced her fears then morphed into zuziger charge gray and then kicked Iccin and Stingy making them get into her trap then she told Brendan she wasn't a ranger no more then after a few days later she gave her gem to wise grand master Zorn


She is The First Female Gray Ranger

She is The First Female Ranger to Be Replaced by a Male



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