James Tredemore

James Trademore (JTC)

Name: James Trademore (JTC)
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Colors: Purple
Form: Strike
Actor: Scott Bailey
7 se 1 krdk-kr-james

James Trademore (JTC)

Transform! Call: ("Kamen Rider!")
Name: James Trademore (JTC)
Designation: Kamen Rider Strike
Weapons: veno saber visor
Advent Deck: cobra
Advent Cards: sword strike swing steeal unite final vent, venosnake,
Contract Beast: Venosnake, Genocider, Metalgelas, Evildrive
Strike Form

James Trademore (JTC)
Strike Form

James TrademoreEdit

Color Name Picture Kamen Rider  Roll Call
Strike James Trademore 7 se 1 krdk-kr-james Strike!

James Trademore Kamen Rider Costume FormEdit

Color Name Kamen Rider Form Rider Costume
Strike James Trademore Strike Form Krdk-kr-james-price2

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