Gwen is The Sea Charge Yellow Ranger she is 19 years old and a investigator and maths physics she grew up on a ranch living with his friend doge she left the ranch and traveled on her bike she went on a journey with her map Gwen was searching around until she saw this yellowing glowing gem it bonded with her giving her the spirit of the

Sea Horse then zury appeared fighting her off then her dog came to the rescue after a few days she goes off with Brendan and Susan on a ride on his car then they walk into a mysterious cave until they met Wise Old Grand Master Zorin they she realizes she was a power ranger and then became the yellow ranger she is very smart and intelligent she is uses her Sea sword and slashes and dashes monsters this robloxian can fight and do a lot of maths and investigating with sword techniques

Roll Call

Sea Horse

Power Ranger Yellow!


Gwen Has, Nerd Glasses ,Mr Chuckles , Red and Black Hair Yellow Sweater, Leggings With Robloxian, 2.0

See Roblox Items


She is the first ranger to have sword fencing fighting skills

Shes Looks Like Natalie From Roblox Pregnancy Story

She Sometimes Argues With Zeke

Shes Like Trina Kwan Mixed with Billy Cranston

She Knows Karate


She is Played By Qrupafjlzvm0741

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