Grant Staly

Grant Staley

Name: Grant Staley
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Colors: Green
Form: Camo
Actor: Christopher Babers
5 se 1 krdk-kr-grant

Grant Staley

Transform Call: ("Kamen Rider!")
Name: Grant Staley
Designation: Kamen Rider Camo
Weapons: bio visor winder
Advent Deck: chamelon
Adcent Cards: bio visor, hold copy final vent, biogreeza
Contract Beast: Biogreeza
Camo Form

Grant Staley
Camo Form

Grant StaleyEdit

Color Name Picture Kamen Rider  Roll Call
Camo Grant Staley 5 se 1 krdk-kr-grant Camo!

Grant Staley Kamen Rider Costume FormEdit

Color Name Kamen Rider Form Rider Costume
Camo Grant Staley Camo Form Krdk-kr-grant-van2

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