Gold Rangers 1993-2009Edit

​Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call

Gold Zeo Ranger (1)

Trey of Triforia Prz-rg-trey3 "Gold Ranger Power!"

Gold Zeo Ranger (2)

Jason Lee Scott Prz-rg-jason "Gold Ranger Power!"

Gold Solaris

Daggeron Prmf-rg-daggeron "Power of the Sun! Solaris Knight!"
Ranger Gold Gem Prrpm-rg-gem "RPM Gold!"

Gold Rangers 2011-2015Edit

​Color Name Picture​ Ranger Roll Call

Gold Samurai Ranger

Antonio Garcia Prs-rg-antonio "Gold Ranger Ready!"

Gold Dino Charge

Sir Ivan of Zandar Prdc-rg-ivan2 "Pterodactyl! Power Ranger Gold!"

Ninja Steel Gold Ranger

Aiden Romero "Ninja Steel Gold Ranger!"

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