They Call Him Garrett The Great Archer He is Sea Charge Green Ranger and sixth Ranger of the group a robloxian Garrett who lived in the Medieval days Who shoots arrows and uses a Sword went on a quest with his Brother Genza Down The Waterfall in Geniere His Home World Then a Man in a fluffy jacket with a sword genie thought him off then the person in the fuzzy was zury then a rolling green sea gem rolled near Garrett making him touch it bonding with him giving him the spirit of the


Then Zury Trapped Him Inside His Body Then The Five Rangers Free Him Then Allowing Him To Morph Into The Green Ranger using his Zord Then Powers Down in the end of his battle Genie Was Freed in Robloxia By Brendan , Zeke , Cole Gwen , Susan thinking it was Brendan,s Dad Garrett Loves To Tell Jokes he was telling a story about his origin until a brongo burger appears and he loved then Cole and him become friends he is also a gentleman to others and sometimes grants the rangers wishes as a ranger he must fight for good and protect other he can also fly and spawn his plankton saber with a green thunder strike He Takes a Job at the Robloxias Museum as a Waiter and Package Stacker he also Calls Susan Lady Susan sometimes Brendan and Him Work Together While Fighting Monsters and morphed with the gang this Garrett Can use his sword And Fight while flying but he dosent do that anymore since they showed him to the real world


Roll Call.

Plankton Power Ranger Green!

Kuddle E, Koala Hat Joyous Smile Face ,Kestrel Green Sea Suit (Dosent Wear Archer Clothing No More and roblox 1.0 package and green pants

See Roblox Items


So Much in Common with Cole

Might Have a Crush On Susan (Not Really)

He is Similar to Tommy Oliver and Since The Other Green Ranger as a sixth member

First Archer To Become a Power Ranger

First Ranger To a Mosquito Motif Zord

Went To The Real World to Get New Clothes

He is Like Robin Hood

Instead of Saying its morphing time he says let tis be morphing time

instead of its he says tis he kind of like a genie who speaks like William shakespear a bit and a joker and a Magical Granter

When He Morph His Body Turns into Robloxian 2.0 instead of robloxian1.0


He is Played By GreenFurrieRanger332 ( Thats My Roblox User Name and me)

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