Heckyl was watching the Rangers doing their jobs. And the rangers was having some fun. Then Heckyl turn into Snide and came up with a plan to break up the rangers friendship. He was going to use the most powerful monster he had ever used. This monster can put a spell on someone and make them enemies. So he sent the monster out after the rangers just when the rangers got done working and saying how much their friendship has grown scene they been rangers at that time the monster has shown up to put a stop to their friendship once and for all. Then Heckyl would be able to defeat the rangers and take their energems from them without any problems at all. So with the rangers mad at each other and Kendall not knowing why. She brings the rangers back to the base. To find out what is wrong with the rangers. When she figured out that Heckyl had something to do with the rangers she went to work on a new charge called the friendship Charge. Then Kendall can turn the rangers back to being nice but only for a while. Until they can destroy the monster once and for all. Making the rangers friends again till the end. The End.

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